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Drew LeDonne

August 29, 2013

  • Robert M Reynolds

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Exploring: Economics, math, and environmental studies

On your mark: I didn’t want to run for a Division I school, where athletics would become my life. Lewis & Clark struck the perfect balance, encouraging high levels of both athletic and academic achievement.

Staying on track: Distance running provides an outlet for my excess energy and focuses my mind so I can concentrate on my studies. Being a part of the cross country team also motivates me academically. The team has very high academic standards, and as its leader next year, I want to live up to those expectations.

The mental game: I came to Lewis & Clark on an environmental studies track, but in my first year I took Economics 100 from Professor Cliff Bekar, and I’ve never learned so much in a class. What he conveyed about what economics can bring to the world really lit a passion in me. It’s not about accounting, finance, and stocks—it’s a behavioral science, a study of why people behave certain ways in the world.

Going the distance: Besides my major, two minors, and running on two teams, I’m also an officer on the L&C Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and I’ve been selected to serve as a representative on the NCAA’s national committee. It’s a lot, but it’s completely doable if you are motivated, hyperorganized, and passionate about the things you’re doing. And I am.