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Geisslers Hofcomoedianten

October 15, 2012

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

The Miser
A retro-business musical comedy

October 15
Agnes Flanagan Chapel

The young theatre company, Geisslers Hofcomoediaten from Czech Republic, composed of professional actors from various theatres in Prague, presents a new adaptation of Moliere’s The Miser. Geisslers Hofcomoediaten is an award-winning theatre company who has performed in theatre festivals in the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Poland. The company is committed to producing work from and influenced by the Baroque period in Europe.  In The Miser, the company uses music and a contemporary perspective to reinvent one of the most iconic plays of the Baroque period.

“… remarkable, professional and amazing interpretation of Moliere’s The Miser!”
                                                                                        -Jan Kerbr, Divadelni Noviny

Trilogy on Stilts

October 18
Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Tilogy on Stilts is a piece made up of three short street theatre performances on stilts which each represent a culture from the European Baroque era – German, Italian and French. The performances are all bilingual and explore the influence of these languages and national cultures on the arts in Bohemia during the Baroque era. Geisslers Hofcomoediaten uses its unique approach to blend elements of street theatre, classic wooden stilts, jumping stilts and live music to tell timeless stories and excavate the connections between these cultures during the Baroque era.

Check HERE for tickets to both events.

Join us after the show for a brief talk from Philippe Brand of the Foreign Languages and Literature department on the historical context and contemporary relevance of Moliere’s play. A Q&A with the company to follow.