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Louis Kuo

Professor of Chemistry

Olin Hall

One has to understand physical phenomena at the molecular level to get the complete picture of how things work. This is what makes teaching and research in chemistry a delightful life-long learning process.



I teach a variety of courses that span several subdisciplines of chemistry that include General Chemistry II (Chem 120), and Organic Chemistry I (Chem 210). In addition, I also teach the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (research website) and an upper division Medicinal Organic Chemistry course.

Professional Experience

Prior Sabbatical Appointments

1995: CU Boulder with Professor Thomas Cech

1999: U Oregon with Professor David Tyler

2005: California Institute of Technology with Professor Robert Grubbs


As both a bioorganic and organometallic chemist I have two areas of research interest. One delves into the role of metal ions in promoting the chemical catalysis of a class of RNA enzymes (ribozymes). The other project investigates organometallic complexes for degrading phosphate neurotoxins. More information can be found at my research website.

Academic Credentials

Post-doc California Institute to Technology, PhD Northwestern University, BS Harvey Mudd College

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Louis Kuo’s office is located in room 216B of Olin.


voice 503-768-7535

Louis Kuo Professor of Chemistry

Chemistry Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road MSC 55 Portland OR 97219 USA