Louis Kuo

Professor of Chemistry

Olin 216B 216B, MSC: 55

One has to understand physical phenomena at the molecular level to get the complete picture of how things work. This is what makes teaching and research in chemistry a delightful life-long learning process.

Academic Credentials

Post-doc California Institute to Technology, PhD Northwestern University, BS Harvey Mudd College


I teach a variety of courses that span several subdisciplines of chemistry that include General Chemistry II (Chem 120), and Organic Chemistry I (Chem 210). In addition, I also teach the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (research website) and an upper division Medicinal Organic Chemistry course.


As both a bioorganic and organometallic chemist I have two areas of research interest. One delves into the role of metal ions in promoting the chemical catalysis of a class of RNA enzymes (ribozymes). The other project investigates organometallic complexes for degrading phosphate neurotoxins. More information can be found at my research website.

Professional Experience

Prior Sabbatical Appointments

1995: CU Boulder with Professor Thomas Cech

1999: U Oregon with Professor David Tyler

2005: California Institute of Technology with Professor Robert Grubbs

Location: Olin Hall