Anna-Marie Ahn

Anna-Marie Ahn, LC’ 25

Anna-Marie is interested in a career as a medical doctor.
Major/Minor: Classics

“The thing that draws me most to medicine is how human it is. As a Classics major, I’ve been able to explore the brilliant side of humanity through a historical and linguistic lens, and I think that such a perspective is wholly applicable to medicine. To get to know and care for the human in each patient is a privilege, and it is what excites me about pursuing an MD.

I hope to help bridge that intersection as a physician, and also encourage other women and young people to pursue their passions without fear.”

Anna-Marie is a student leader in the Pre-Health Professions Club.

The club fosters community among pre-health students, raises awareness about on- and off-campus resources, and improves the success of pre-health students applying to graduate schools. The student club holds many events to support students interested in healthcare including a career panel, CPR certification, suture clinic, volunteering trips, guest speakers, and monthly meetings. Student leaders provide peer advising and mentorship to younger students and act as advocates for all pre-health students by coordinating with faculty and staff to develop meaningful curriculum and programming. Get involved! Email us at: