Pio Support Network

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PSN is a student-led network passionate about supporting students in their mental health & well-being through weekly peer-facilitated group meetings & events. Meetings have begun for the Fall 2021 Semester!

How We Work

The peer facilitated weekly meetings are set up in breakout-group fashion where our trained leaders foster an honest, personal, empathetic, respectful, and safe dialogue and engagement. The structure will also include bi-weekly community events (coined as “kickback Fridays” by prior universities) that are open to the entire Support Network community, as well as the Lewis & Clark student body as a whole. These events could include activities to reduce stress, such as yoga, and  enjoyable entertainment, such as a trivia. These events will all be conducted over Zoom in COVID-times. The PSN also hopes to encourage L&C students to seek additional support by providing resources to connect students to healthcare professionals on- and off-campus.

Who We Are

Our team consists of empathetic, and intelligent Lewis & Clark students who are adamant about mental health activism. We have been recognized as leaders in our community, and hope to have a lasting positive impact on our campus. Our directors have complementary skill sets, and importantly, have a shared moral identities. We believe that individuals should have equal access to health care, and we recognize the importance of having peer support groups. We reflect on how much we could have benefitted from mental health advocacy in a peer setting that validates the ongoing stressors of life.

What is a Group Leader?

A Group Leader is an L&C student who has received training to peer-facilitate Weekly Group meetings with members. At these Weekly Group meetings, Group Leaders are responsible for creating an emotionally and mentally accessible atmosphere and an inclusive and engaging dialogue. They are required to attend a retreat at the beginning of each year, where they are trained by a mental health professional in topics that prepare them to be peer-facilitators. Group Leaders have a time commitment of approximately 3.5 hours per week, which includes: Weekly Group Meetings, event attendance, and a required Practicum class that serves as weekly training. 

Leader Retreat Fall 2021


Leader Applications for Fall are closed, but here is more information on becoming a future Leader here!

Disclaimer: PSN is a peer support network; it is not counseling, nor is it a substitute for professional mental health services!