September 02, 2021

VIDEO: Social Change through Transformative Education

Meet Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director or the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. Find out how L&C is expanding our presence at Columbia River Correctional Institute and get involved.

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program facilitates dialogue and education across profound social differences — through courses held inside prison, involving students from a higher education setting and incarcerated students. These courses ignite enthusiasm for learning encouraging participants to find their unique voice and to consider how they can make change in the world.
“We as a society are only able to continue to incarcerate 2.3 million people because so many of us don’t know what’s going on. Part of my personal mission is to get as many people inside prisons as possible. That’s one of the ways that change is going to happen.”—Lori Pompa
Hear More from Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director, Inside Out Prison Exchange Program
With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Lewis & Clark is expanding our Inside-Out Programming at Columbia River Correctional Facility.

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