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Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant : Aleksandr Veselkov
Alex 2022

Email :
Office Hours : Tuesday 4 to 5pm and Friday 4 to 5pm

SPRING Russian Table: Rotating Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 5pm at the ILC

Привет! Меня зовут Алекс, и я буду вашим гидом в русский язык и русскую культуру. Я родом из небольшого города в Удмуртской республике, из города Глазов. После института я жил в Петербурге, Москве и Зеленоградске перед перездом в США в 2021 году. Я люблю путешествовать, танцевать, изучать новые культуры и языки. Мне также нравится делать йогу, фотографировать и снимать рилсы в инстаграме. Я буду рад вас видеть у себя на курсе разговорного русского и на мероприятиях русского клуба! Присоединяйтесь! Увидимся!
Hi, I am Aleksandr and this year I’ll be your guide in the world of Russian language and culture. I was born and grew up in Glazov, a small town in Udmurtia, Russia. After college I lived in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Zelenogradsk before moving to the USA in 2021. I am passionate about traveling, dancing, learning new cultures and languages. I also enjoy doing yoga, taking photos and making Instagram reels. I will be happy to see you in my Russian conversation class or at the Russian Club events at LC. See you!

Russian Club 

What is it?

We are a student-run organization at Lewis&Clark College for students who want to speak Russian and/or learn more about Russophone cultures, history and peoples. We are also friends, colleagues and funny people who love having a good time in a good company singing, cooking, dancing… Russian Club is a great place to use your Russian and have fun!

What events do you have?

Various events like Russian New Year celebration, online events, outings to restaurants and concerts, International Fair, cooking in Platt East and more. This semester we’ve already shopped at a Russian store and had a Pelmeni Party. Contact Aleksandr to get on the list for activities throughout the year.

How can I join the club?

If you’re a current LC student, you can easily join the club. Follow this link and join the club on Presence.

How can I practice the Russian language?

All students of Russian at LC are encouraged to attend the weekly Russian Conversation Table. View the schedule in the calendar below.

The Table is very informal and NO preparation is required. Just come and converse in Russian. We’ll be talking about a variety of topics from daily life, music, or art to some more acute social issues. Contact Alex, our Russian Language Assistant, to get a link via

Русский клуб

Русский клуб - отличное место, чтобы практиковать русский язык и повеселиться! Свяжитесь с Александром, чтобы получить список мероприятий на 2021 гг.: празднование русского Нового года, походы в рестораны и на концерты, международная ярмарка, кулинарные события в Platt East и многое другое.

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Russian Club Social Media

Instagram : lcrussian

Click here for the Russian Club Instagram

Facebook : Lewis&Clark RUSSIAN Club

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Russian Club Events




Club President : Feya Dawkins

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“Вы можете забрать русскую девушку из России, но вы не можете забрать у нее Русскую душу / You can take Russian girl out of Russia but you can’t take Russia out of her.”







Club Vice-President : Libby Barrese

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“I am excited to learn about Russian language and culture, and help welcome others to the community”







Club Vice-President : Orungul 

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Treasurer : Newton Arbogast

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