(Nǐ hǎo)

歡迎 ! This is the page to connect you to Chinese language practice. 

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant : Chrissy Chang

Chrissy Chang

Hi, I’m Chrissy, the Chinese assistant from Taiwan this year. My major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I’m excited to help students enhance their skills and explore a different world by learning Chinese.

During university, I was an exchange student in Vietnam for 4 months and I had an internship in France for 7 months. These experiences made me more adventurous. Learning a language is a ladder to learn a culture- I’m looking forward to meet you!

Email : 
Office Hours : coming soon!

Amy Xu

ILC Peer Tutor : Amy Xu

I’m Amy Xu, Chinese name Dan Xu. I come from China. I have took many Chinese classes in my high school in Canada and in LC, therefore I am familiar with the way your professors teach! I’m happy to help your Chinese homework! Other than that, we can also talk about Chinese culture and trending stuff going on in China!