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Rhetoric and Media Studies

Stuart Kaplan

Professor Emeritus of Communication

Two topics have dominated my research and writing over the last dozen or so years: The effects of new communication technologies on civil liberties, especially free speech and privacy, and visual metaphors in advertising and film. I have published articles on these topics in a variety of communication journals, including Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Communication, and Journalism Quarterly. The courses I most frequently teach are Introduction to Communication, Mass Media Messages, Communication Criticism, and The Documentary Form. In these courses, I tend to place substantial emphasis on critical evaluation of mass media content, artistic standards, and ethical practices. These academic interests and activities are supplemented by my participation in community organizations that have some influence on public policy and legislation affecting communication media. I am currently active in Portland Cable Access Television and the American Civil Liberties Union. My hobbies include travel, skiing, and woodworking.

Academic Credentials

PhD 1971, M.A. 1968 University of Oregon, BS 1961 University of California at Berkeley

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Rhetoric and Media Studies


Stuart Kaplan’s office is located in room 369 of Howard Hall.


voice 503-768-7618

Stuart Kaplan Professor Emeritus of Communication

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