November 28, 2023

Faculty book release: “Edges of Noir: Extreme Filmmaking in the 1960s” by Michael Mirabile

Please join us in congratulating Assistant Professor with Term Michael Mirabile on the upcoming publication of his latest book, “Edges of Noir: Extreme Filmmaking in the 1960s” (Berghahn, February 2, 2024).  

On Monday, March 11th, Michael Mirabile will discuss “Edges of Noir” with Jerry Harp, starting at 3:30pm in Miller Hall, Room 102. The event is open to the public.

Book Description

Edges of Noir challenges the notion that noir film nearly vanished after 1958 until its subsequent “neo-noir” revival between 1973 and 1981. The 1960s, regardless of critical neglect, include some of the most provocative films of the post-World War II decades. Often formally disruptive and experimental, films including Shock Corridor (1963), Mirage (1965), The 3rd Voice (1960), and Point Blank (1967) evoke controversial issues of the era, deriving dynamic influences amongst exploitation cinema, sensationalistic American B movies, and the European New Wave movement. Whether the focus is on nuclear destruction, mind control, or surveillance, late noir films, above all else, vividly portray the collective fears from the time.