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So, just what is SAAB?

January 30, 2019

  • The Student Academic Affairs Board

What is SAAB? The Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) is a student-run committee that awards funds for tutoring, student-lead research, attendance at academic conferences or programs, and assistance with a musical/theatrical performance. It also provides money to bring visiting scholars to campus.

This year the SAAB board has awarded several research and conference grants. Students have attended psychology conferences, participated in a mastectomy tattoo workshop in Chicago, and interviewed a prominent museum director on the East Coast.

To get a SAAB grant, you have to start by talking to the Director of SAAB Grants, Mia Convery, and this year’s History Department SAAB representative, Sophia Warner. They will guide you through the process of writing a grant proposal and presenting it to the board.

For information on SAAB tutoring, visit

For information on SAAB grants, visit

You can contact the History Department’s SAAB representative, Sophia Warner, at

Sophia Warner ’19

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