December 01, 2014

Propose a Revision to Lewis & Clark’s Student Code of Conduct or College Policies Here!

Fill out this Google Form!

Fill out this Google Form!


Current policy on Code of Conduct and College Policy revisions:

To propose a change to the Code or College Policies, one must submit a written proposal to the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities describing the current language, the proposed change, and the justification for the proposed change. Typical proposals include edits for clarification, procedural changes, and policy changes. A committee of students and other stakeholders will evaluate proposals to determine whether or not to recommend a modification. If deemed appropriate, proposals through this process are subject to annual review by the Dean of Students, and must be approved by the Lewis & Clark College Executive Council.

From time to time, the College modifies policies, procedures, programs, office locations, and personnel. The College may, at its discretion, make appropriate modifications, with or without notice. Policies in place at the time an alleged violation occurs shall be the policies against which the conduct is resolved in any subsequent conduct hearing or resolution process.