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Apostille and Notarized Transcripts


The Apostille treaty is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law and signed on October 5, 1961.  The Hague is a city in the Netherlands and is the location of the International Court of Justice.  This treaty defines the ways through which a document issued in one of the countries that signed the treaty or convention can be certified for legal purposes in all the other countries that signed the treaty.  Within many countries it is the notarization of a document that makes it legal evidence of authenticity.  For the signatories of the Hague Convention it is the certification by the approved state or national office of a country that authenticates the notarized documents.

An Apostille is a legal document that certifies that a copy of a diploma and/or an officialtranscript from an American college or university is authentic and notarized.  The State of Oregon issues the Apostille - not the College.  However, the College can provide the necessary documentation for the diploma and transcript.  The most common request is for an Apostille for the diploma.  That is especially true for East Asian nations.  European countries more often request an Apostille for both the diploma and transcript.

  1. Send a written request asking to have a notarized copy of your diploma created.  Include your name, address to which the copy should be sent, and your authorizing signature and date. 
  2. The graduate must send the original diploma to the Registrar’s Office. It cannot be a copy.  The original diploma will be returned once the official reproduction is created and notarized.  (If the original diploma has been lost, see instructions below for ordering a replacement diploma.)
  3. If a notarized transcript is also required, the graduate must order an official transcript and request that it be included in the Apostille process.  Transcript ordering information can be found at: 
  4. The College will create a notarized copy of the original diploma and/or transcript.  (Please note that some countries require only one or the other, and some require both diploma and transcript.  The graduate should check with the appropriate agency requiring the documentation.) 
  5. The notarized documents and original diploma will be returned to the graduate.  (If rush shipping by FedEx is requested, the appropriate FedEx shipping form must be completed and sent with the Apostille request.)

While the graduate is expected to submit payment for the official transcript (and diploma replacement fee, if necessary) Lewis and Clark College does not charge for the notarization process.


The diploma (original and notarized copy) and the transcript (official notarized transcript) are returned to the student who must then work with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office to complete the actual Apostille.  A staff member in the Corporation Division of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office creates the Apostille. 

The following steps must be taken to complete the process:

  1. The student must send the notarized copies of the diploma and official transcript to the Secretary of State.  (Please note that Lewis & Clark College cannot forward forms nor funds to the Secretary of State.) 
  2. Include the “Request for Apostille/Authorization” form required by the Secretary of State’s office and the fee.  Information can be found at:  There is a $10.00 fee for each document to be authenticated—$10.00 for just the diploma, $20.00 if it is for both the diploma and transcript.
  3. Unless the Apostille is to be picked up at the Secretary of State’s Office in Salem, Oregon, either a self-addressed, stamped envelope or a PREPAID AIRBILL for overnight/express service delivery must be provided.  There is a phone number on the form if the sender has any questions about this step.

Please note that our office cannot provide copies of diplomas.  If you have lost your original diploma, you may order a replacement via the Diploma Replacement Request Form.  Please note that this request must be completed, signed and notarized.  We cannot accept a fax or scan of the notarized document.  The wait may be lengthy as replacements are created at the next scheduled printing of regular diplomas.