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A career in education is complex, challenging, and deeply rewarding. Educators make a vital difference in the lives of children, families, and communities every day, preparing their students to become engaged members of our democratic society.

  • Aukeem Ballard BA 11, MAT 12 was a communications major and student government leader. Now, he’s a teacher in Portland Public Schools. Meet Aukeem.
  • Brandis Piper BA 12 was an athlete and a history major. Now, he’s a language arts teacher. Meet Brandis.

Undergraduate students at Lewis & Clark have a long tradition of pursuing careers that serve others, including in the field of education. If a career in education interests you, our liberal arts curriculum offers opportunities to build the breadth and depth of knowledge to prepare you to succeed.

About Careers in Education

Careers in education may entail teaching in a classroom of your own or supporting students and families through jobs in health, counseling, or education nonprofits. In order to work as a classroom teacher in a public school, you must obtain a teaching license (these are issued by individual states). Many states encourage educators to obtain master’s degrees or pay higher salaries for an advanced degree because of the preparation it offers for this complex profession. However, many states also allow teachers to become licensed through “alternative pathways” such as through the Teach for America program. 

If you are considering becoming a teacher, you will want to think about whether you want to be an elementary or middle/high school teacher. 

  • Elementary educators work in single classrooms and teach a broad range of subjects to young children, including literacy, math, science, social studies, and more. Prospective elementary school teachers should take undergraduate courses from many disciplines, but should be sure to have some coursework in both mathematics and science.
  • Middle and high school educators prepare in a specific subject area. Students choose between English language arts, the sciences, math, social studies, and art. Students interested in middle or high school teaching are encouraged to choose a major related to the subject they wish to teach.
Options at Lewis & Clark for Undergraduate Study

There are many options at Lewis & Clark that will help prepare you for an education career.

  1. You can take undergraduate education courses, developed in collaboration with Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling.
  2. You can arrange to volunteer with local schools or education organizations through the Career Development Center (CDC).
  3. If you know you want to pursue a career in education, you can apply to the Teacher Pathways program. It provides structured advising during your undergraduate education as well as early admission into the master of arts in teaching program on the graduate campus at Lewis & Clark. Lewis & Clark’s teacher preparation programs are considered among the best in the nation. The graduate school has historically admitted a high number of College of Arts and Sciences applicants to its programs. For more information, visit the Teacher Pathways webpage.
Options at Lewis & Clark for Graduate Study

Lewis & Clark offers a master of arts in teaching program on the graduate campus. Lewis & Clark’s teacher preparation programs are considered among the best in the nation.

October 13th, 2014

  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm: MAT Info Session
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