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Teaching Excellence Program


  • To RSVP for any of these workshops, and to received the Zoom link, please click here

    Monday, July 13, 2-3:30: Touchstones of Adaptive Teaching: Structure & Flexibility. We’ll focus on increased needs for clarity and structure in the online environment, contrasted with increased needs for flexibility and adaptability. Host: Molly Robinson, TEP. RSVP

    Tuesday, July 14, 10-11:30: Problem, Object, or Lab-based Workshop . This workshop will focus on templates for designing courses where students have hands-on interactions with objects in a lab or studio setting. Hosts: Dru Donovan & Greg Hermann. RSVP

    Tuesday, July 14, 10-11:30: World Languages Workshop. We’ll brainstorm around the challenges of teaching language in the hybrid and online environments. Host: Molly Robinson, TEP. RSVP

    Thursday, July 16, 10-11:30: Software and methods-based Workshop. Host: Dru Donovan. RSVP

    Monday, July 20, 2-3:30: Touchstones of Adaptive Teaching: Leadership & Connection. We’ll discuss the importance of having a sense of authority and leadership as a teacher, contrasted with the need to create strong and connected relationships in the classroom. Host: Molly Robinson, TEP. RSVP

    Monday, July 27, 2-3:30: Touchstones of Adaptive Teaching: Consistency & Variety. We’ll focus on the synergistic connections between the need for consistency and predictability in teaching, and the need for variety and diversity. Host: Molly Robinson, TEP. RSVP


The CAS Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) provides resources to faculty members to support them in strengthening and expanding their teaching expertise, with the goal of best serving the needs of Lewis & Clark’s undergraduates. Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the program strives to create opportunities for collaboration and to provide assistance to faculty as they refine and share teaching practices with their colleagues.

Updated 7/10/20:

TEP and the newly formed Adaptive Teaching for the Liberal Arts (ATLA) Group are pleased to announce a series of workshops this summer to support hybrid/blended adaptation for fall courses. Please click on the link below for a pdf of a full schedule of 14 workshops. Workshops are recorded and links are posted below. A password is required for the ATLA recordings. Please contact for the link.

TEP and ATLA Summer Workshops Schedule

Link to short videos about ATLA’s upcoming workshops and “Teaching Touchstones” for the hybrid classroom.

Links to recorded ATLA online workshops:

TEP offers a number of resources and events designed to help disseminate best practices in pedagogy. The program is designed not only to assist professors, but also to bring faculty together – across all disciplines and throughout their careers – to discuss and apply teaching techniques that are engaging, inclusive, and innovative.  By offering workshops, distinguished speakers, and hosting regular events, TEP dovetails with the efforts of other campus programs to support faculty development.

Grant funds for online summer training are available now! Click on the “Grants for Faculty” button. You can also access a curated online teaching resource guide by clicking on our TEP Resource Guide on this page. We continue to accept applications for our Faculty Mentoring Fall 2020 Program and Faculty-Student Partnerships for Spring 2021, as well as for our Classroom Innovation Grants.