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Teaching Excellence Program

Faculty-to-Faculty Peer Mentoring

What is TEP peer mentoring?

Peer mentoring is…

  • Provided by experienced Lewis & Clark faculty who have participated in the TEP peer observation trainings
  • Completely voluntary
  • Confidential (only your peer mentor and the TEP Director are included in your consultation process)
  • Focused on providing support, not assessment
  • Constructive and collaborative, not evaluative
  • Available for any member of the CAS faculty (tenured, term, tenure-track, visiting, adjunct)
What kind of peer mentoring is offered?

If you are interested in mentoring, you may work with the…

Pedagogy Fellows, who offer: 
  • Focused assistance in identifying and addressing challenges in a particular class
  • An initial classroom observation at any time of the semester
  • Follow-up classroom observations, if desired
  • Assistance with post-observation goal setting
  • Support in developing and utilizing effective pedagogical techniques

OR with the…

Distinguished Teaching Consultants, who offer:
  • Collaborative and in-depth consultations focused on one or more courses
  • Feedback on syllabus planning and course design
  • Repeated classroom observations during a semester
  • Facilitation of a mid-semester, consensus-based, student feedback process to provide concrete suggestions for your course, if desired
  • Ongoing mentoring and collaborative goal setting (beyond the single semester of classroom observation)
  • Assistance with interpreting end-of-semester student evaluations
  • Support for departments or programs who wish to evaluate and improve upon shared student experiences in the major or minor


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