Preference Submission

All students are given the opportunity to submit preferences for their Words and Numbers section to be used in their placement.  Each semester of your first year you will take a Words or Numbers course with the CORE course name (Core 120 for Words, Core 121 for Numbers).  If you are placed into Words in the fall, then you will take Numbers in the spring (and vice-versa).

Incoming transfer students do not take Words or Numbers.

Current Students who need to take Words/Numbers Fall 2024

Currently registered students (as of Spring 2024) who still need to satisfy Words or Numbers in Fall 2024 will be put into a placeholder section in April, after the first round of registration, but before the final round of registration. Watch for an email from at the end of May about how to submit preferences for actual placement during the summer.

Incoming First Years Students Fall 2024

Fall 2024 Words and Numbers section descriptions will be posted mid May

The Fall 2024 FYS: Words & Numbers preference form will open June 1st and close June 30th.  A link to the form will be emailed to you as well as a link added here.

All students will be emailed their Fall 2024 placements by July 5th.

Please email if you have any questions.