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Sponsored Research

The mission of the Sponsored Research Office (SRO) at Lewis & Clark College is to provide faculty and staff with professional and quality service in support of research and creative endeavors throughout their careers. This includes the acquisition and administration of external funds to support their scholarship. Please contact us early so we can help!

Proposal Development
The Sponsored Research Office helps identify funding opportunities, aids in proposal and budget development, and facilitates final submission. The SRO provides support for individual, collaborative, and institutional proposals.

Award Management
The SRO team works with faculty and staff throughout the life cycle of a funded project, from award set up to closeout. The SRO helps ensure financial compliance with both award terms and conditions and institutional requirements.

Research Integrity and Compliance
Lewis & Clark is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity in research and scholarship, whether externally funded or not. The SRO is a resource for research compliance with institutional policies, applicable regulations, and required training.

Recent Awards 

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Department News

  • In this issue: Dr. Greg Hermann on mentoring students, the College’s new Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, plus a complete list of recent awards, and more.
  • After years of specimen collecting, venom milking, and proteomic sequencing, arachnologist and Lewis & Clark Professor of Biology Greta Binford and her team have published evidence to put to rest a longstanding urban legend: the venom of the daddy long-legs spider won’t hurt you. Their research appears in the new issue of Frontiers in Evolution and Ecology.
  • Faculty submitted 31 new grant proposals since September and received a number of new awards. You will find the complete list of recent awards, along with reminders and updates, in the Sponsored Research Spring Newsletter.

Sponsored Research

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