May 13, 2019

2019 Rogers Science Research Brown Bag Presentations

Student research presentations

Students discuss their research projects during a series of brown-bag talks on Tuesdays in June and July. Each presentation is 15 minutes; there are generally 3-4 talks per session.

  • Tuesdays 12:00-1:15, various locations
  • Presentations are free and open to the public
  • Dessert provided

May 29 - Olin 301

Responsible Conduct of Research Previously recorded presentation by Sarah Shaack, Reed College

Please note that this face-to-face training is a required component of the College’s RCR policy and attendance will be taken; students and faculty who have not participated previously in Sarah’s presentation must attend this session. We encourage all students to attend, regardless of whether or not they have attended in previous years.

June 4 - Olin 301

Hitting Times of Random Walks on Graphs
Student presenters: Dylan Harter, Alicia Lehman
Faculty collaborator: Yung-Pin Chen

Mathematics of relativistic point particles
Student presenter: Will McDermott
Faculty collaborator: Iva Stavrov

Rubidium Stabilized Optical Frequency Comb
Student presenters: Joy Pajarla, Jacob Vatter
Faculty collaborator: Andrew Funk

Macro-physical Properties of Shallow Cumulus from Integrated ARM Observations
Student presenter: Kat Barton
Faculty collaborator: Jessica Kleiss


June 11 - Olin 301

Zebrafish neuroscience research
Student presenters: Cady Kurtz-Miott, Nhi Ho, Talia Lichtenberg, Saheli Singh, Adi Elinoff
Faculty collaborator: Tamily Weissman

Investigating the role of thrombospondin in Drosophila synaptogenesis at the neuromuscular junction and its role in locomotion
Student presenters: Allie Osgood, Ariel Shaw
Faculty collaborator: Norma Velazquez

Chemical Archaeology in Mallorca, Spain
Student presenter: Genie Rose
Faculty collaborator: Julio de Paula


June 18 - Olin 301

Spontaneous Eye Blink Rate Correlates of Attentional Control Over Food Cues
Student presenters: Ericka Eyton, Alexa Hanson
Faculty collaborator: Todd Watson

Cybersecurity Analysis Scenarios
Student presenters: Quinn Vinlove, Kris Gado, Tristan Saldanha, Alex Lotero
Faculty collaborator: Jens Mache

Compactified QCD
Student presenter: Brian Smith
Faculty collaborator: Mohamed Anber


June 25 - Miller 105

Transcriptional regulation of pluripotency in embryonic stem cells
Student presenters: RuthMabel Boytz, Allie Traeger, Natalie Klee
Faculty collaborator: Sharon Torigoe

Real world applications of zirconium vapor deposition
Student presenters: Morgan Bashore, Frankie Warden
Faculty collaborator: Casey Jones

Designing a Self-healing Stent
Student presenters: Hannah Creasy, Liz Brandel
Faculty collaborator: Casey Jones


July 2 - Miller 105

Investigating how cells construct their organelles
Student presenters: Lisa Kumasaka, Amanda Maxfield, David Nhek, Katelyn Nicholson, Matt White
Faculty collaborator: Greg Hermann

Organophosphate toxin degradation by molybdenum complexes
Student presenters: Madison Ames, Keldy Mason
Faculty collaborator: Louis Kuo

Sulfide oxidation by molybdenum catalysts
Student presenter: Jordan Gonzalez
Faculty collaborator: Louis Kuo


July 9 - Miller 105

Investigations into the Acoustics of the Mandolin
Student presenters: Jerome Regovich, Charlie Whitesell
Faculty collaborator: Steve Tufte

Rehearsing disaster: Understanding earthquake preparedness behavior using video games
Student presenters: Liza Clairagneau, Peter Huizenga, Natalie Casson, Elise Gilmore
Faculty collaborators: Liz Safran, Peter Drake, Erik Nilsen

Teaching kids coding by blending digital and tangible technology
Student presenters: Iri Angelova, Jensen Kraus
Faculty collaborator: Erik Nilsen


July 11 (Thursday) - Miller 105

Study of Gold and Silver Nanoparticle Interactions in Aqueous Environments
Student presenters: Syrah Starnes, Yikun Hu
Faculty collaborator: Anne Bentley

How seedling functional traits interact with environmental conditions to maintain forest diversity in an Amazonian rainforest
Student presenters: Hannah Van Dusen, Lauren Walker, Gabe Barrero
Faculty collaborator: Margaret Metz

Colorblind Ideology Moderates Psychophysiological Responses to Racial Passing
Student presenters: Keenan Ashby, Laura Young
Faculty collaborator: Diana Leonard


July 16 - JR Howard 102

Machine Learning approach to multi-instrument observations
Student presenters: Leon Rogge, Anna Schall
Faculty collaborators: Jessica Kleiss, Peter Drake

Diversity and function of phospholipase D venom toxins in spiders
Student presenters: Cameron Paton, Julia Somers, Ellen Richards
Faculty collaborator: Greta Binford

Cellular Effects and Functional Specificity of Spider Venom Proteins on Model Organisms
Student presenters: Salma Bashir, Kyla Smart
Faculty collaborator: Pamela Zobel-Thropp

Identifying genes that mediate the effects of developmental nicotine exposure
Student presenters: Juliana Choza, Vincent Rotello
Faculty collaborator: Norma Velazquez


July 23 - JR Howard 102

Seedling dynamics and maintenance of diversity in an old growth forest
Student presenters: Emma Campbell, Sam Smith, Amelia Pruiett
Faculty collaborator: Margaret Metz

Spectral Geometry & Crystallographic Groups
Student presenters: Andrew Ferris, Ben Lattes
Faculty collaborator: Liz Stanhope

The Structural Basis of Phosphorylation on Dynein Regulation
Student presenters: Daniel Marsan, Anna Merkt
Faculty collaborator: Niko Loening