Information for Students

“My central goal as an educator is to inspire another generation of undergraduates by introducing them to the vast amounts of biology we don’t know, immersing them in the scientific process, empowering them with skills for doing research, and introducing them to their own potential as scientists.” Greta Binford,
2011 Oregon Professor of the Year

From research with professors to internships, we offer students a broad range of opportunities in the sciences. Our summer research programs, for example, give outstanding students the chance to train as scientists by undertaking a research project side-by-side with a faculty member. Students also learn how to communicate their findings to a general audience, so they can improve the overall understanding of science at Lewis & Clark and beyond.

These programs also provide opportunities for talented high school students to not just see what scientific research is like in college, but to participate in the process. Learn more about the opportunities we offer below.

  • Research:  Excellent summer research opportunities for students  to test theories, understand the world through experience and take knowledge and apply it to solving problems.