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Jens Mache Receives Second NSF TUES Award

August 22, 2012

In response to a proposal submitted by Professor of Computer Science Jens Mache, the National Science Foundation has awarded Lewis & Clark a grant of $78,343 in support of the project, “Collaborative Research: TUES: Type 1: EDURange: A Cybersecurity Competition Platform to Enhance Undergraduate Security Analysis Skills.” Dr. Mache will co-direct this $200,000, three-year project with Dr. Richard Weiss, a collaborator at Evergreen State College. EDURange will be a publicly available competition-based cybersecurity scenario environment designed to help students learn–and instructors teach–security analysis and debugging skills, patterns, and principles. This project will allow students to understand the quality and limits of their own security analysis skills, and create tutorials to better enable instructors to teach information security to undergraduates. More information is available at:

NSF’s TUES Program (Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), previously known as the CCLI (Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement) program, is extremely competitive, and this latest award represents Dr. Mache’s second TUES program award. (August 2012)

Sponsored Research

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