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Gender Studies Symposium

April 08, 1988

Undergraduate Campus

Friday, April 8

8 p.m., Fir Acres Theatre
Jane VanBoskirk: Four American Women
A one-worrnan historical drama pre­stinted by the Lewis & Clark Cultural Arts Committee.

Monday, April 11

9-10:25 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Feminist Theory and Methodology

Scvin Hirschbein, associate professor of philosophy, Lewis & Clark.
The Potential of Feminism in the 1990s: A Theory of Hope for the Future: After a Look Backwards, Kristen Berg,
student, Lewis & Clark.
Gender and Knowledge: The “Literary Crisis” for Women, Anita Platti Helle, assistant professor of English, Iowa State University.
Circling Virginia Woolf: How Readings of To the Light house Are Gendered, Anna Schatz, student, Lewis & Clark.
Sharing Secrets Wisely: The Ethnics of Ethnographic Accuracy, Elizabeth Beveraly, anthropologist and writer, Portland.

10:30-11:55 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: History and Gender I
Stephen Beckham, professor of history, Lewis & Clark.
A Yankee Missionary in South Carolina: Challenger of Patriarchy or Upholder of Race- and Class-Based Privilege? Matthew Pursel1, student, Lewis & Clark.
An Indissoluble Vision of Community: Social Continuity and Change After the Dissolution of thcAurora Colony, Kim Swanson, student, Lewis & Clark.
The Purging of a Minority Identity in the Search for Rights: Gays and Lesbians in the United States, World War 11 Through Stone­wall, Marcia Stanard, student, Lewis & Clark.

10:30-11:55 a.m., Council Chamber
Panel B: Serving Women’s Needs: Student Internships in the Portland Community
Kathleen Crouch, Piper Davis, and Heather Swindler, students, Lewis & Clark: and Kathy Wilson, operations manager, Bradley-Angle House.

Noon-12:55 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: Gender and Health
Terri Ogan, member, ad­visory hoard, Lewis & Clark College Support Staff Association.
Women, Work, and Wellness: The Case of the Clerical Worker, Sue Craham, assistant professor of health and physical education, Lewis & Clark.
Caregivers’ Respite Center: A Bootstrap Proposal to Keep Talent and Brains in Place, Mary Pcarce, caregiver, Portland.

Noon-12:55 p.m., Council Chamber
Panel B: The Many Faces of Commodified Feminism: How Women’s Magazines Package Feminism for Popular Consumption
Moderator: Susan Kirschner, codirector of the Core Program, Lewis & Clark
Robert Goldman, associate professor of sociology, Lewis & Clark, Deborah Heath, assistant professor of anthropology, Lewis & Clark, and Sharon Smith, reference librarian, Portland Community College.

1-2:25 p.m. Thayer Rooms
Feminism and Institutional Change
Moderator: Ida Barnett, student, Lewis & Clark
The Politics of Hiring “Women and Minorities”: Barriers in a Diversified Workplace in Higher Education. Marilyn Monteiro, director of affirmative action, Northern Illinois University.
Changing Curricula, Changing Minds: The Impact of Feminist Scholarship in Higher Education, Betty Sclunitz, research associate, Northwest Center for Research on Women, University of Washington.
Sources of Prejudice and Phobias Within Ourselves, Roberta Ferron, affirmative action manager, City of Seattle.

2:35-3:20 p.m. Fir Acres Theatre
Dissolving the Half Shadows: Japanese-American Women Playwrights
Stephanie Arnold,
assistant professor of theatre, Lewis & Clark: and Yoshie Kimura, Margaret Richter, Sakiko Taoka, Lamont Walton, Tawanna Ward, and Shaun Yu, Students, Lewis & Clark. Fir Acres Theatre

3:30-4:55 p.m., Council Chamber
Gender Issues in Kenya
Moderator: Dinah Dodds, professor of German, Lewis & Clark.
Women’s Participation in Kenya ‘s Social and Economic; Development, Madeline McNeely, student, Lewis & Clark.
Attitudes of Women Toward Marriage in Kenya, Susan Thomas, student, Lewis & Clark.
Benter and Mildred Langlo: A Kenyan Mother and Daughter Reflect on Their Lives, Molly Sturges, student, Lewis & Clark.

3:30-5:30 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Workshop for Core Curriculum Faculty
Gender Issues in the Classroom, Michael Kimmel, assistant professor of sociology, State University of New York at Stony Brook.
(Limited enrollment.)

5:15-7 p.m., Trail Room
Open Mike Poetry Reading

7:30 p.m., Council Chamber
Major Address: A Feminist Perspective on Sex Equality
Catherine MacKinnon, lawyer, activist, and author of Feminism Umnodified

10 p.m., Stamm Dining Room
Musical Performance

The Mothers of God

Tuesday, April 12

9-10:25 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: Women in Latin America
Moderator. Dahnesh Medora, student, Lewis & Clark.
“Modern” Warfare and Third World Women, Zaher Wahab, professor of education, Lewis & Clark.
Wornen of the Cuban Revolution: Evaluating Issues of Sexuality and Social Change, Loma Lockwood, literacy program coordinator, Mount Hood Community College.
A Feminist Perspective on the Mutual Support Group in Guatemala, Beth Sanchez, student, Lewis & Clark

9-10:25 a.m., Council Chamber
Moderator: Clarence Davis, dean of the college, Lewis & Clark
Women’s “Ways of LIfe” Among Ural Cossacks in 1856. An Ethnographic Report by the First Russian Feminist, Catherine Clay, assistant professor of history, Lewis & Clark
The Personal and the Political: A Critical Examination of the Letters Between Rosa Luxenburg and Leo Jogiches, Kristen Berg, student, Lewis & Clark
Obstetrics Usurping the Role of the Midwife, Ted Michelini, student, Lewis & Clark

10:30-11:55 a.m., Council Chamber
Panel A: Women and Religion
Jim Stuart, chaplain, Lewis & Clark.
Worshipping the Goddess: Women’s Bhajan Groups in the Cult of Seranvali, Kathleen Erndl, assistant professor of religious studies, Lewis & Clark.
Jarena Lee: A Woman With a Heart Sensitive to God’s Calling, Nicole Perry, student, Lewis & Clark.
Sophia: An Alternative Feminine Archetype, Andrea Rush, student, Lewis & Clark.

10:30-11:55 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel B: Advancing Women’s Values in Law and Politics: Changing the Sys­tem From Positions of Power Within It
Moderator: Stephen Kanter, dean, Northwestern School of Law.
Judy Bauman, state; representative, District 13, Portland; Kathleen Bogan, executive director, Oregon Criminal Justice Council; Maureen Leonard, founder, Women’s Investment Network Political Action Committee; Betty Roberts, retired justice, Oregon Supreme, Court; Judy Wyers, candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives.

Noon-12:40 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: A Comparative Perspective on Advancing Women’s Values in Law and Politics
Moderator: Kathleen Erndl, assistant professor of religious studies, Lewis & Clark.
Women’s Rights and Status io Conternporary Muslim Society: A Study of Legal Reforms, Tahera Aftab, associate professor of general history, University of Karachi, Pakistan, and visiting Fulbright scholar, Mount Holyoke College.

Noon-12:40 p.m., Council Chamber
Panel B: Women and International Cinema
Moderator: Stuart Kaplan, associate professor of communications, Lewis & Clark.
Filmmaker Gillian Armstrong: from “My Brilliant Career” (1978) to “High Tide” (1988), A Decade of Women Shaping the Borders of Their Lives, Susan Dunn, faculty member, Lane Community College.
Women in Soviet Cinema, Donna Seifer, lecturer in Russian, Lewis & Clark.

1-2:25 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: Feminism in Latin America
Moderator: Vance Savage, dean of international education, Lewis & Clark.
Can We Theorize From Domitila Barrios de Chungara’s Practice in Bolivian Mines? Leslie Bottimore, student, Lewis & Clark.
Latin American and Caribbean Feminists: How Do They Combine Feminism and Politics in Their Attempt to Prornote Social Jrustice? Betty Caonzales, faculty member, women’s studies program, California State University at Fresno.
Women’s Organizations in Argentina During the Transition to Democracy, Monica Flori, associate professor of Spanish, Lewis & Clark

1-2:25 p.m., Council Chamber
Panel B: Power and Empowerment
Moderator: Carolyn Bullard, dean, Graduate School of Professional Studies
Gender Differences in Moral Behavior, or Will Women Clean Up Politics? Patricia Dodge, researcher, Portland
Managers and Motivation, Noel Woody, student, Graduate School of Professional Studies
Abortion in the USSR, Geoffrey Peard, student, Lewis & Clark.

2:30-3:25 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Folklore and Folklife
Moderator: Robert Whittemore, assistant professor of anthropology, Lewis & Clark
Sleeping Beauty Waits for the Prince No More: Feminist Revisions of Folk Tales, Regina Bendix, lecturer in communication, Lewis & Clark

3:30 p.m., Council Chamber
Major Address: Men and Feminism
Michael Kimmel,
assistant professor of sociology, State University of New York at Stony Brook.

7:30 p.m., Council Chamber
Major Address: Black Women and Health: An Issue of Wellness
Byllyc Avery, director, National Black Women’s Health Project.

10 p.m., Stamm Dining Room.
Musical Performance
The Enculturation Busters.

Wednesday, Apri1 13

9-10:25 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Voices in African and American Literature
Moderator: Richard Peck, professor of international affairs, Lewis & Clark.
Progressiveness and Conservatism in the Roles of Men and Women in Buchi Emectheta’s Novel The Joys of Motherhood, Astrid Hedin, student, Lewis & Clark.
Achebe and His Women, Chidi Ikonne, chair, Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar, Nigeria, and visiting Fulbright scholar, Howard University.
Rhetorics of lntimacy: The Collaborative Voices of Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker, John Callahan, professor of English, Lewis & Clark.

10:30-11:55 a.m., Thayer.Rooms
Three Women’s Courtship Experi­ences: 1890s-1920s
Moderator: Nancy Grey Osierud, assistant professor of history, Lewis & Clark.
Maude Gault and Robert Miller: A Courtship by Mail, Robhyn Ilcnshall, Student, Lewis & (,’lark.
A Young Woman’s Decisions in the 1920.s: Elizabeth Duffield’s Diaries 1919-1927, Kira Hilden, student, Lewis & Clark.
The Diary of Laura Rice Castor 1890-1899: Morality and Marital Choice, Barbara Normann, student, Lewis & Clark.

Noon-12:55 p.m., Council Chamber
Panel A: Sexual and Structural Violence
Moderator. Sandra Jernkins, assistant professor of counseling psychology, Graduate School of Professional Studies.
Surviving the Sex Industry, Susan Hunter, director, Council for Prostitution Alternatives.
Rape, Lewis & Clark, and World Order, Kristen Aker, student, Lewis & Clark.
The F’eininization of Poverty, Serena Cruz, student, Lewis & Clark.

Noon-12:55 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel B: Lives in Narrative: A Journey Through Self and Gender I
Celeste Brody, assistant professor of teacher education, Graduate School of Professional Studies; and Ken Donald, Ruth Lundblad, Kerry Hart, and Louise Klemperer, students, Graduate School of Professional Studies.

1-2:35 p.m., Thayer Rooms
The Passage: Preparing Black Women for Leadership Roles in the Year 2000
Avel Cordly, associate executive secretary, American Friends Service Commttec; Joyce Harris, director, Black Educational Center; and Virginia Phillips, codirector, Give Us This Day

2:30-3:25 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Panel A: Lives in Narrative: A Journey Through Self and Gender II
Carol Witherell, director of teacher education, Craduate School of Profession­al Studies; and Carol Green, Patti McMahon, Philip Peabody, and Cathy Myers Wirt, students, Graduate School of Professional Studies.

2:30-3:25 p.m., Council Chanrbc;r
Panel B: Feminism and Portraits of Marriage in Fiction
Moderator: Dorothy Berkson, associate professor of English, Lewis & Clark.
Richardson’s Feminism, Rachel Miller, faculty member, Mills College.
Marriages, Mirrors, and Self in Doris Lessing’s Fiction, Ruth Saxton, faculty member, Mills College.

3:30-4:55 p.m., Thayer 2 and 3
Panel A: Gender Issues in Greece
Moderator: Stephen Knox, professor of English, Lewis & Clark.
Education, Discipline, and Socialization in a Creek Kindergarten, Becky Shibley, grad­uate, Lewis & Clark.
leisure Activities of Creek Men and the For­rnation of Male. Identity, Parry Randall, student, Lewis & Clark.
Women (,and Work in Rural Creece, Tracy Schlapp, publication assistant, Lewis & Clark.

3:30-4:55 p.m., Thayer 1
Panel B: Incorporating American Mi­nority and Third World Women Into the Curriculum
Moderator: Betty Schmitz.
Jolurr Abele, Richard Adams, Stephanie Arnold, Dorothy Berkson, Frank Chance, Deborah Heath, Nancy Grey Osterud, Richard Peck, Del1 Smith, arid Mark Valcri, Lewis & Clark faculty participants in the Project Quill IV G;raut for Core Curriculum Transformation.

7-9 p.m.
Workshop: Linking Black Women to Welluess
Byllye Avery, director, National Black Women’s Health Project.
King Neighborhood Facility, 4815 N.E. Seventh, Portland, Oregon. Transportation from Lewis & Clark College is available. Seating is limited; to Reserve a ride, phone 503-293-2620.

Art works by Lewis & Clark students Kristin Berg, Karen Chalupnik, Korea Locker, Beth Sanchez, Karl Schaumberg, and Alexandra Strawbridge are on display in Tcmpleton College Center.

Sponsored with the assistance of the Quill IV Project of the American Association of Colleges; the Visiting Fulbright Scholars and Occasional Lectures Program of the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars; the Lewis & Clark College Concerts and Lectures Committee, Core Program, Cultural Arts Committee, Gender Studies Program, and Student Academic; Affairs Board; and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Sign language interpreter provided for the major addresses and workshop.

For free child care, phone 503-293-2620 by April 7.

I ewis & Clark College does not discriminateon the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, or physical handicap in its educational programs, activities, and employment policies, in keeping with the letter and spirit of all equal opportunity and civil rights laws.