April 08, 1990

9th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Gender and the Politics of Change
April 8-11, 1990

All events are held in Templeton College Center or Fir Acres Theatre.

Sunday, April 8, 1990

7:30 P.M. Council Chamber: Reception to follow in Dubach
Poetry Reading: Secrets from the Center of the World
Jay Harjo.

Monday, April 9

9-10:25 A.M., Council Chamber
Cinematic Representations of Gender (media presentation).

10:30-11:55 A.M., Council Chamber
Gender and Pedagogy (panel)

10:30-11:55 A.M., Thayer
International Perspectives I (panel)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Teaching Northwest Women’s History.

Noon-12:55 P.M., Thayer
Gender and Pedagogy II (panel)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Stamm
Shared Readings (Sponsored by the Women Writer’s Circle)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Black Box, Fir Acres Theatre
Gay Theatre History (theatre presentation)

1-2:25 P.M., Council Chamber
Women’s Participation in Popular Movements in Central America (media presentation)

1-2:25 P.M., Stamm
Fear of the Same: Exploring Honophobia (performance/discussion)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Thayer
Gender and Pedagogy III (panel)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Council Chamber
Myths and Paradigms in Literature (panel)

3:30-5 P.M., Council Chamber
Science, Technology and Gender I (panel)

3:30-5 P.M., Thayer
Women’s Orientation and Leadership: The Changing Face of American Religious Life (panel)

7:30 p.m., Council Chamber, Reception to follow in Dubach
The Promise and the Challenge of the Women’s Vote
Irene Natividad .

Tuesday, April 10

9-10:25 A.M., Thayer
Theory and Praxis I (panel)

9-10:25 A.M., Council Chamber
Gender Images in the Mass Media (media presentation)

10:30-11:55 A.M., Council Chamber
Questions of Gender in Early English Literature (panel)

10:30-11:55 A.M., Thayer
International Perspectives II (panel)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Gray
Teaching about Men (curriculum workshop) Bruce Nordstrom

Noon-12:55 P.M., Thayer
Women in Latin America (panel)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Stamm
When We Talk About Rape (panel)

1:00-2:25 P.M., Council Chamber
The Impact of Politicizing Reproductive Rights (panel)

1:00-2:25 P.M., Thayer
Feminist Issues: Historical and Rhetorical Perspecitves (panel)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Thayer
New Feminist Perspectives on Rhetoric (panel)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Black Box, Fir Acres Theatre
Reclaiming the Body (workshop) Conducted by Barbara Loeb

2:30-3:25 P.M., Council Chamber
Telling the Story: Narrative Politics in the South African Novel (panel)

3:30-4:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Visiting Fulbright Scholars’ Program (panel)

4:30-5:30 P.M., Thayer
The Lewis & Clark Gender Studies Program (discussion)

7:30 p.m., Council Chamber, Reception to follow in Dubach
Male Responsibility
Michael Cross

Wednesday, April 11

9-10:25 A.M., Council Chamber
Science, Technology and Gender II (panel)

9-10:25 A.M., Thayer
Sexual Violence Against Women Finding and Channeling our Anger (panel)

10:30-11:55 A.M., Council Chamber
Language and Representation (panel)

10:30-11:55 A.M., Thayer
Women and the Law (panel)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Thayer
Women in the Media Serving a Broader Social Agenda (workshop)
Conducted by Jean Fuller Anderson

Noon-12:55 P.M., Council Chamber
Women in the Philippines (media presentation)

Noon-12:55 P.M., Grey
The Non-Traditional Student (panel)

1-2:25 P.M., Thayer
Theory and Praxis II (panel)

1-2:25 P.M., Council Chamber
Political Strategies for Gay & Lesbian Rights (panel)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Council Chamber
International Perspectives III (panel)

2:30-3:25 P.M., Thayer
Literature, Narrative, and Space (panel)

3:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Film Presentation. Award-winning feminist films presented by Sara Halprin

7:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Workshop: Pornography: A Practice of Inequality.

Art Exhibits (on display throughout the symposium). Stamm.
Art works by Feryal Abbast Ghnaim, traditional Palestinian artist, Luthera Stone, Oregon contemporary multi-media artist, “Voices of the Children,” MADRE, children of Central America, ages 5 to 12, Phyllis Yes, professor of art, Lewis & Clark, Lewis & Clark students Gretchen Bischel, Lisa Fenton, Michele Wilcox, and John Farnsworth, and others. Faculty curator and Symposium Director: Joanne Mulcahy. Student curator:
Laura Graves.

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