March 12, 2008

27th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

BORDER CROSSINGS:  Identities, Communities, Experiences
March 12-14, 2008

BORDER CROSSINGS:  Identities, Communities, Experiences


Art Exhibit, March 12-14, Stamm

Featuring work by LC contributors as well as by Portland artists, this juried exhibit displayed a variety of approaches to questions of gender and identity in a wide range of different media. Curated by LC student Krista Sarin.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9:15-10:30 A.M., Thayer, Templeton Center
Scientific Progress, Scientific Convenience
Moderator: Selena Jorgensen, LC student
Alla Khalitova, LC student, “A Womb of One’s Own”
Elizabeth A. Kissling, Professor of Communication Studies and Women’s Studies, Eastern Washington University, “To Bleed or Not to Bleed: Media Coverage of Cycle-Stopping Contraceptives”
Martha van Gelder, LC student, “Cellular Romance: How Our Gendered Expectations of the Egg and Sperm May Blind Us to What is Really Going On”


9:15-10:30 A.M., Stamm, Templeton Center
Roundtable: Redefining Fatherhood
Moderator: Paul Powers, LC Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Peter Mortola, LC Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, and part-time stay-at-home father of two boys under age 3
Alex Tinker
Micheil MacCutcheon, father of four adult children, grandfather to seven children


10:45 A.M.-Noon, Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Gender and the Ballot Box


10:45 A.M.-Noon, Thayer, Templeton Center
“Still a Man’s World”: Women in African Literature
Moderator: Leif Bullock, LC student
LC students Genny Krause, Ben Osborn, Dylan Kruse, Jamaica Hamilton, and Cecily Pretty


10:45 A.M.-Noon, Stamm, Templeton Center
Are You In or Are You Out?: Defining Queer Communities
Moderator: Vanessa Stine, LC alumna ’07 and LC interim Campus Living Coordinator
Tino Valentino, “Too Gay: Border Skirmishes in Queer Gender”
Reid Vanderburgh, MA, LMFT, author of Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity, “The Intersection of Sex and Gender: Overlapping LGBT Identities”


11:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M., Trail Room, Templeton Center
Live music featuring local bands
Marisa Anderson and Elizabeth Venable, Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls
Jessica Jones, LC ’05 alumna and Cailin Bryant


12:30-2:00 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Gender and Body Modification
Moderator: Jennifer Hubbert, LC Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Jenny Hildebrandt-Sterling, LC student, “I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours”
Alena Chun, LC ’06 alumna


12:30-2:00 P.M., Thayer, Templeton Center
Boundaries and Bridges: The Discipline of Gender Studies
Moderator: Jane Hunter, LC Professor of History and Associate Dean of the College
Hildy Miller, Director of Writing and Professor of English, Portland State University, “Building Bridges Within Feminist Studies to Past Feminist Paradigms”
Sandra Reineke, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Idaho, “Gender Studies Made in Europe: Feminism, ‘Post-Feminism,’ and Gender Studies in Cross-Cultural Perspective”
Aaron Raz Link, “Male Masculinity: Border-Crossing Men in Gender Studies”


2:15-3:15 P.M., Thayer, Templeton Center
Are Immigrants the New Gay? Making Connections Between Immigrant and LGBT Rights
Aubrey Harrison, Field Organizer, and Jessica Lee, Youth Organizer, Basic Rights Oregon


2:15-3:15 P.M., Stamm, Templeton Center
Poetry Reading by the Black Bough Writers, Pam Crow, Jane Knechtel, Patricia Bollin, and Kelly Sievers
An exploration of personal assault, love, illness, aging, family, and politics.
Introduced by Mary Szybist, LC Assistant Professor of English

3:30-5:00, Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Featured Event: Publishing, Politics, and Popular Culture
A Conversation with Local Feminists
Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editorial director, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
Maria Jett, managing editor, World Pulse
Amara Perez, program director, In Other Words Books and Resources, Portland’s nonprofit feminist bookstore
Moderated by Daena Goldsmith, LC Associate Professor of Communication


7:30 p.m. Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Keynote Lecture: Through the Lens: A Documentary Photographer’s Experience with Gender

Mary Ellen Mark, award-winning documentary photographer.


Introduced by Matthew Johnston, LC Assistant Professor of Art History


Mary Ellen Mark has achieved international recognition through her numerous books, exhibitions, and editorial magazine work. She is a contributing photographer to The New Yorker and has published photo-essays and portraits in such publications as LIFE, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair. For over four decades, she has traveled extensively to make pictures that reflect a high degree of humanism. Today, she is recognized as one of our most respected and influential photographers.


She has received numerous awards and honors, including the Cornell Capa Award by the International Center of Photography, a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, the Matrix Award for outstanding woman in the field of film/photography, the Dr. Erich Salomon Award for outstanding merits in the field of journalistic photography, three fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the World Press Award for Outstanding Body of Work Throughout the Years. She was also presented with honorary doctorates from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Arts.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

9:00-10:30 A.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
In the Field: Observing Gender in Action
Moderator: Maureen Reed, LC Adjunct Professor of Gender Studies, History and Core
Rebecca Cloud, LC student, “A Look at American Sex Education and its Relationship to Birth Control”
Haben Girma, LC student, “A Foreign Woman in Eritrea”
John Wagner, LC student, “Fair vs. Satisfying: How New Parents Divide Labor in Dual-Earner Households”
Olga Zvonareva, LC visiting student from St. Petersburg, Russia, “Relationships of Power Between Genders in Russia and America”
Aleta Storch, LC student, “Living Large in Socialist Cuba: The Effects of Nutrition, Socialism, and Machismo Culture on Body Image of Young Cuban Women”
Samantha Robison, LC student, “The Confounding Role of Homosexuality in Sexually Conservative Buddhist Society: An Examination of Homosexual Males in Thailand”


9:00-10:30 A.M., Thayer, Templeton Center
Gender and Mormonism
Moderator: Susanna Morrill, LC Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Aurora Hood, LC ’07 alumna, “Sex, Saints, and Sin: Historical and Theological Influences on Mormon Ideals of Sexuality”
Susanna Morrill, LC Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, “The Mormon Mother in Heaven: Guardian of the Gates of Mortality?”


10:45 A.M.-Noon, Thayer, Templeton Center
Curious Encounters with Gender in Literature
Moderator: Jerry Harp, LC Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Henry Hughes, Associate Professor of English, Western Oregon University, “Jumping Gender in the South Seas Writings of Herman Melville”
Jack Vitek, Associate Professor of English, Edgewood College, “The Conundrum of Castration: Rereading Jake and Cohn in The Sun Also Rises
Meredith Olson, Marylhurst University alumna, “Enigma and Mythology: The Search for Zora Neale Hurston”


10:45 A.M.-Noon, Stamm, Templeton Center
Angels and Monsters: Attraction and Repulsion
Moderator: Dawn Odell, LC Assistant Professor of Art
Jean Wetzel, Associate Professor of Art History, Cal Poly State University, “Angels and Eroticism: The Image of the Apsaras in Art”
Tuesday Smillie, “Monstrous Femininity”
Alice Waarvick, LC student, “Desire Satisfied: Method and Female Liberation in Blake’s ‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion’”


12:15-1:30 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Policing Bodies Through State Power
Moderator: Georgia Lawrence, LC alumna ’00 and LC Adjunct Instructor of Sociology/Anthropology
Nina Sailer, LC student, “Courtroom Violence: Women in Eviction Court”
Emily Skidmore, graduate student, Department of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Exceptional Queerness: Defining the Boundaries of Normative U.S. Citizenship in the Early 20th Century”
David Rogers, Executive Director, Partnership for Safety and Justice, “Criminalizing Addiction, Property Violations, and Oregon’s Burgeoning Prison System”


12:15-1:30 P.M., Thayer, Templeton Center
Speaking Her Mind
Moderator: Dinah Dodds, LC Professor of German
Jen Moore, graduate student, Portland State University, “Sister Spit: Roots, History, and Legacy of the Female Spoken Word Roadshow”
Shawna Lipton, graduate assistant, Portland State University, “Something Much Dearer: Surpassing Female Romantic Friendship Through the Writing of Margaret J.M. Sweat”
Ilana Adleson, LC student, “Sapphism in the Sun King’s Court: Reactions to Lesbianism in 17th-century France”


1:45-3:15 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Borders of Identity: Immigration and Militarism
Moderator: Elliott Young, LC Associate Professor of History
Jarratt Taylor, LC ’02 alumnus, “American Girls: A Short Documentary”
Joanne Mulcahy, LC Assistant Professor of Education and Northwest Writing Institute, “’El Otro Lado’: Border Crossing in the Life of Eva Castellanoz”
Michelle Howa, “All-American Overseas”


1:45-3:15 P.M., Stamm, Templeton Center
Roundtable: Transnational Feminism in Women’s and Gender Studies
Moderator: Patti Duncan, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, Portland State University
PSU graduate students Jimena Alvarado, Mariela Rivas, and Erica Sandoval
PSU undergraduate students Julie Caceres, Karen Maloney, Martha Stephens, Melissa Green and Emily Wornell


3:30 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Featured Event: The Magic and Mystery of Water
Geraldine Richmond, Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon.


Introduced by Barbara Balko, LC Associate Professor of Chemistry

A widely published scholar of over 150 articles, Richmond is an award-winning scientist whose work has earned honors from numerous organizations, including the American Chemical Society, the National Science Foundation, the Oregon Academy of Science, and the Guggenheim Foundation.


She is also the founder and chair of COACh (Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists), an organization assisting in the advancement of women faculty in the sciences.


She has taught at the University of Oregon since 1985. She received her bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley.


This lecture is co-sponsored by the Science Without Limits Speaker Series.


Followed by Roundtable: Erasing the Gender Border in Science
Moderator: Liz Stanhope, LC Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Geraldine Richmond, Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon
Shereen Khoja, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Pacific University
Anne Bentley, LC Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Valentina Grigoreanu, LC alumna ’05 and PhD candidate in computer science, Oregon State University


7:30 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Keynote Lecture: “Pixarvolt”: Animating Revolution

Judith Halberstam, professor of English and Gender Studies, University of Southern California.


Introduced by Ellie Glusman, LC student


Judith Halberstam is a well-known gender theorist, specializing in cultural studies, queer theory and visual culture. Her groundbreaking book Female Masculinities (1998) refutes the notion that butch lesbians are just imitations of “real men” and instead locates gender variance within a lively and dramatic staging of hybrid and minority genders. She is also the author of Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters (1995), which examined Gothic monstrosity in literature and film. Most recently she published In A Queer Time and Place (2005), a study of queer uses of time and space that are developed in opposition to the institutions of family, heterosexuality, and reproduction.


She received her BA from the University of California, Berkeley and her PhD from the University of Minnesota.

9:30 P.M., Co-op
Poetry Open Microphone with Synergia

Friday, March 14, 2008

9:00-10:15 A.M., Thayer
In the Face of Power, Poverty, and Displacement
Moderator: Rima DasGupta, LC Assistant Professor of Sociology
Isidore Lobnibe, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Western Oregon University, “Between Aspirations and Realities: Northern Ghanaian Women and the Dilemma of Household (Re)production in Southern Ghana”
Casey Nelson, LC student, “The Position of the Urban Third-World Woman: An Analysis of the Relationships among Chronic Poverty, HIV/AIDS and Prostitution in Nairobi, Kenya”
Alexa Schmidt, LC student, “Migration, Power, and the Landscape: How East African Refugees Experience Place”
Asha A. Samad, Director, SAFRAD Somali Association and Human Rights Center, “Somali Female Refugees: Gender, Generation, and Class Issues”


9:00-10:15 A.M., Stamm
Informal conversation with keynote speaker Judith Halberstam
Introduced by Aubrey Fong, LC student and symposium co-chair


10:30 A.M.-Noon, Council Chamber
Sex, Scandals, and Social Norms
Moderator: Andrea Hibbard, LC Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Nichole Carnell, LC student, “The Gravity of Marilyn Monroe: America’s Obsession with the Scandals of a Beautiful Woman”
José Iglesias-Urquizar, graduate teaching assistant, South Dakota State University, “Queer Arabs in 300: How the Media Construct Arab Masculinity” THIS PAPER HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN.
Katie Burnett and Lisa Housman, LC students, “Playboy: A Symbol of Sexuality or a Degradation of the Female Body: An Analysis of Playboy Magazine Covers in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s”
Maureen Reed, LC Adjunct Professor of Gender Studies, History and Core, “Sex and the Stadt: A Reading from a Travel Memoir”


10:30 A.M.-Noon, Thayer
Traversing the Empire: Gender in Victorian Britain
Moderator: David Campion, LC Assistant Professor of History
Katherine Spingarn, LC student and Symposium co-chair, “Encounters in the English Woman’s Journal: The Readership and the Editor in the ‘Open Council’ Column”
Megan Brown, LC student, “Ties of Blood: Family in Victorian Literature”
Claire Studholme, LC student, “Conforming and Contesting: The Single Woman Missionary and Separate Spheres Ideology in Victorian India”
Allie Kerr, LC student, “All Fashions of Loveliness: Control, Madness, Performance, and the Female Protagonist in Early Victorian Penny Dreadfuls”


10:30 A.M.-Noon, Stamm
Roundtable: Senior Sexuality
Moderator: Jenny Bornstein, LC Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Jacki Gethner, LMT, CADC1
Joseph Marzucco, PA, PhD, founder of Clinical Sexology Associates
Eugene Woodworth and Eric Marcoux, long-time partners, members of Elder Resource Alliance, a program of Friendly House


12:15-1:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Sex Smarts
Moderator: Melissa Osmond, LC Coordinator of Health Promotion and Wellness
Bianca I Laureano, sexual health consultant, “Doin’ It, Doin’ It, and Doin’ It … well? Does sexuality education do gender, class, race & ethnicity?
Mo Kenny, QMHA, Coordinator of The Pride Project program, SMYRC


12:15-1:30 P.M., Thayer
Language of Violence, Power, and Intimacy
Moderator: Linda Isako Angst, LC Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Uma Shrestha, Associate Professor of English/Linguistics, Western Oregon University, “Construction of Status, Power and Intimacy Between Wives and Husbands: The Use of Second Person Pronouns and Terms of Address in Nepali”
Gail Griffin, Ann V. and Donald R. Parfet Distinguished Professor of English, English and Women’s Studies, Kalamazoo College, “When a Man Kills a Woman: Crossing the Linguistic Border”
Kate Phillips, LC student, “Sibling Violence: Uncovering the Roots of a Socially Naturalized Form of Violence


12:15-1:30 P.M., Stamm
Film Screening and Photo Exhibition: A Conversation with Artists
Arzu Ozkal Telhan, Turkish-born media artist, “Women Against Women”
Ruvan Wijesooriya, artist and LC alumnus ’99, “Masculinism: Images from the Boxing Ring, Gay Clubs, and Beyond”
Anne Grgich, artist


1:45-3:15 P.M., Council Chamber
The Trafficking of Sex and Labor: Filipina Women Across Borders
Moderator: Maraya Massin-Levey, LC student
Annalisa Vicente Enrile, National Chair of GABRIELA Network, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Southern California


1:45-3:15 P.M., Thayer
Narratives of Rebellion
Moderator: Kristi Williams, LC Coordinator of Academic Advising
Penelope Scambly Schott, “A is for Anne: Mistress Hutchinson Disturbs the Commonwealth”
Julie Perini, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art, Western Oregon University, “Suffragette Slasher Film: Mary Richardson and the Rockeby Venus”
Maggie McFadden, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies & Women’s Studies, Appalachian State University, “Borders, Language, and Reflexivity: International Women Activists and the Shadow Narrative”

3:30-5:00 P.M., Council Chamber, Templeton Center
Featured Lecture: Globalized Punishment: Racial-Gender Policing and Resistance

Julia Sudbury, Professor and Mary S. Metz Chair of Ethnic Studies, Mills College.


Introduced by Deborah Heath, LC Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Gender Studies


Sudbury is author of Other Kinds of Dreams: Black Women’s Organizations and the Politics of Transformation (1998) and editor of Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex (2005), in addition to many other publications. An award-winning teacher and scholar, Sudbury is also an activist who has worked internationally to improve women’s health, empower community organizations, and promote social justice.


Sudbury received her BA from the University of Cambridge and her PhD from the University of Warwick.

8:00 P.M., Trail Room, Templeton Center
Performance: An Evening of Queer Burlesque, Cabaret, and Drag
Presented by San Francisco Gender Benders, including Kentucky Fried Woman, Chubb, Titland, Jay Walker & Delicio Del Toro, Nefarious Vulvaleen, Drew Montana and Corky St. Flair, Savory Sweet, Lance Armstar & Rick O’Shea, and Dirty

Followed by a dance party with DJ Beyonda