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Class of 1990

    • The Secrets of Master Brewers

      Jeff Alworth BA ’90 has published his fourth book, The Secrets of Master Brewers (Storey Publishing, 2017), which focuses on the history, national traditions, and techniques of brewing classic styles of beer. It follows on the heels of The Beer Bible (Workman Publishing, 2015), which was an International Association of Culinary Professionals award-winning book in 2016. Alworth is a columnist for All About Beer and has written for a number of magazines and newspapers. He also blogs about beer on his popular website,

      Posted 10/30/2017
    • 10/13/2017

      Elizabeth Bacher BA ’90 was a participant in Miami University’s Earth Expeditions global field course. She spent the summer of 2017 in the Galapagos, studying the forces of change in the area of the archipelago in order to devise better solutions for sustainability.

    • The Outstanding Youth Coach: A Total System to Help Young Athletes Reach Their Personal Best and Win More Often

      Cody Cain BA ’90 offers a comprehensive guide to training high-performing youth athletes, showing what it takes to achieve success both on and off the field.

      Posted 05/15/2017
    • 10/14/2016

      Zena BA ’90 spent almost three years in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching teacher education at the university level as well as working with Mongolia’s Ministry of Education and the Mongolian National Theatre. Zena has now moved to Calais, France, where she is volunteering in “the Jungle,” an extremely crowded and underserved refugee camp.

    • 10/14/2016

      Kristen Johnson BA ’90 has been promoted to dean of the health and sciences division at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    • 01/27/2020

      Jennifer Kerns BA ’90 lives in Northeast Portland with her two teenage children in a home that’s more than 100 years old. She’s in her 20th year teaching women’s history at Portland State University, where she also serves in a leadership role for AAUP, the faculty union. #unionproud

    • Keeping Oregon Green: Livability, Stewardship, and the Challenges of Growth, 1960–1980

      Derek Larson BA ’90 provides a new history of the signature accomplishments of Oregon’s environmental era, including the revitalization of the polluted Willamette River, the Beach Bill preserving public access to the state’s coastline, the Bottle Bill that set the national standard for reducing roadside litter, and the nation’s first comprehensive land-use zoning law.

      Posted 05/15/2017
    • 01/27/2020

      Suze Mullen-Engbretson BA ’90 and her husband of 29 years, Michael, live in Hillsboro, Oregon. They are eager to be empty-nesters as their high school-aged sons are graduating in 2020. Daughter Lena graduated from Wellesley College in 2019 and now lives and works in New York City. Mullen-Engbretson continues to work at Nike.

    • 07/12/2017

      Steven M. Pratt BA ’90, July 11, 2017, age 53. Pratt worked as a teacher for 26 years, three of which were spent in China. He also spent four years in Mexico doing mission work. Active in politics, Pratt worked for the Oregon State Senate and on the gubernatorial campaign staff of Barbara Roberts. He loved movies, comedy, and classic rock. Survivors include his two children, Addy and Zeph, as well as many other loving family members and friends.

    • 01/27/2020

      Cindra Rehman BA ’90 writes: “Can’t wait for our 30th reunion!”

    • 07/13/2019

      Richard Rogers BA ’90 has worked in high-tech for more than 22 years, including management roles in international marketing, strategy, and sales at Palo Alto Networks, SAP, Symantec, VERITAS, KPMG, and Oracle. Most recently, he built and led global field and channel marketing at Palo Alto Networks, from pre-IPO to their current position as the $2.6 billion leader in cyber security. Prior to that, Rogers was vice president of new product introduction and vice president volume go to market and web strategy at SAP; led global industry and solutions marketing at Symantec, VERITAS, and Oracle; and was the U.S. director for information, communications, and entertainment marketing at KPMG. He has also advised in the field of international marketing and served as a board member for start-ups and other ventures in the software, services, and clean-technology sectors.

    • 10/13/2017

      Kris Schuberg BA ’90 and Eric Hartmann BA ’90, MAT ’94 traveled to Ireland in 2016 to visit their son Eamonn, who was studying at the University of Limerick. Schuberg hadn’t been to Ireland since 1988, when she participated in a Lewis & Clark overseas study program during her sophomore year. She says “it was indeed quite something to visit my son, studying abroad in the same country where I was an international student 29 years ago. I can’t say that Ireland was just as I remembered it–in some ways it was better! I think if someone had told me 29 years ago that I would be coming back to Ireland to visit my son, who would be turning 20 there just as I had, I would have laughed. I also might have said that this was just the crazy talk of a cleasai (Irish word for trickster).”

CAS Class Notes

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