Peer Tutoring



Peer tutoring is the easiest and most immediate way to get help with your writing.  No appointment is needed — just sign in when you’re ready to meet and click to enter our Zoom waiting room .  We’re available to talk with you about everything from details about grammar, style, or citation to the broadest thinking about what you’re trying to say.  Feel free to bring a draft for us to look over, but don’t feel obliged — if you’re spinning your wheels trying to get something on the page, come by empty-handed just to brainstorm a bit. 


Sunday-Thursday, 3-10 pm.


The Writing Center Zoom room — see the link on our sign-in sheet below.

Signing in

During the pandemic, all tutoring will be over Zoom.  When you’re ready to meet with a tutor, just click below and sign in (no signing up in advance, please):


Fill in the black columns, and a tutor will acknowledge your arrival in red. Then click on the Zoom link, which will put you in the “waiting room” while you wait for your turn. When it’s your turn to meet, the tutor on duty will welcome you into the Zoom room. Simple as that! When you begin your meeting, you will be welcome to share a Google Doc or email a file to the tutor on duty.

Peer Tutors

Our tutoring staff is a group of LC sophomores, juniors, and seniors who bring experience, encouragement, and intellectual curiosity into conversations with peers. They are all students with a passion for writing and for ideas and good intuitions about what makes a piece of writing work.  They have all completed an intensive training program to help them prepare to work with you.  Visit our Staff page to learn more about them.