L&C Volunteers

The L&C Volunteers Program is designed to offer L&C students opportunities to volunteer both locally and globally. The goal of L&C Volunteers is to promote a culture of community service. This program allows students to give back to the community while refining their leadership skills, communication, and community and global awareness.

Explore opportunities to make an impact in your community using GivePulse for L&C
  • Find groups and community organizations who have posted their opportunities, events, and internships
  • Track and report community engagement hours

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Below you will find a few examples of our long-standing community partnerships and service-learning opportunities that L&C students engage in each year.


Prison Pen Pal Project

We connect with a local community member and partner connected to incarcerated folks in the prison system. Lewis & Clark students pick up supplies (paper, pens, and envelopes) from our staff to connect and provide a sustainable relationship by supporting folks inside the system by supporting them through the process, provide mutual education, and foster solidarity.

WHEN: rolling-basis
WHERE: from your home/space

For more information, email Angie Pavao (angie@lclark.edu).

  • To enroll, please include your MSC # in your email to Angie for supplies and additional info.
Maybelle Center for Community

Maybelle Center for Community is a local nonprofit that has built a community by collaborating with residents in more than 30 buildings in the downtown area who face barriers to meaningful connection. Lewis & Clark students create and send cards to Portland community members to foster belonging and disrupt social isolation and communication barriers during COVID-19 times.

WHEN: on-going
WHERE: from your home/space
TRANSPORTATION: none at this time

For more information, email Fabi Rodriquez (fabiola@lclark.edu) or Ariel McGee (armcgee.lclark.edu).

Race Talks: United to Break the Chains of Racism

Race Talks’ mission is to support interracial and cross-cultural communication and relationships through the development of sensitivity and understanding, and social justice activism supported by educational panels / or films, good food, and great discussions.

WHEN: third Thursday of every month
WHERE: online
TRANSPORTATION: none at this time

For more information, email Zakiya Newman (zanewman@lclark.edu) or Gardner Dunavant (gardner@lclark.edu)

  Multi colored profile faces are surrounded by chains breaking. Underneath are the words, ?RACE TA...
Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC)

Students learn about and support SMYRC’s work through a semester long donation drive.

WHEN: on-going; ends December 11th
WHERE: outside the SLS office in Templeton
TRANSPORTATION: none at this time

For more information, email Gabe Huerta (gabehuerta@lclark.edu)

students serve and learn at Portland's Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) a...