Portrait of Jay Odenbaugh by Nina Johnson

Jay Odenbaugh

James F. Miller Professor of Humanities

John R. Howard Hall 230, MSC: 45

 “Philosophy in its best moments is about instilling intellectual accountability. As William James noted, ‘Many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.’”


Philosophy of biology, environmental philosophy, philosophy of psychology

Academic Credentials

PhD University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Philosophy
MA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois, Philosophy BA Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, Philosophy/Biology


Odenbaugh, J. (2023). Philosophy and ethics of de-extinction. Cambridge Prisms: Extinction, 1, e7.

Odenbaugh, J. (2022). Owl vs owl: Examining an environmental moral tragedy. Philosophia, 50(5), 2303-2317.

Odenbaugh, J. (2020). Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and the environmentalist agenda. Biology & Philosophy, 35, 1-11.

Odenbaugh, J. (2023). An even better ape? Comments on a better ape. Biology & Philosophy, 38(4), 27.

Odenbaugh, J. (2022). What Should Species Be?: Taxonomic Inflation and the Ethics of Splitting and Lumping. In Species Problems and Beyond (pp. 91-104). CRC Press.

Odenbaugh, J. (2021). Models, models, models: a deflationary view. Synthese, 198(Suppl 21), 1-16

Location: J.R. Howard Hall