Steph Schwartz '12

Steph Schwartz ’12

Steph graduated with a degree in psychology and a gender studies minor. She is from St. Paul, Minnesota. She knew that she wanted to be a psychology major before ever coming to Lewis & Clark. Besides her involvement in the psychology department, Steph was also on the Ultimate Frisbee team, the women’s varsity golf team, and a team leader for the Lewis & Clark SOLT tutoring program. During her time in lab Steph has been on the X-Phi team, the Mindset team and most recently the ENVS team. Her all time favorite BHS memory is meeting Phil Zimbardo at WPA 2011. Steph left the lab in December 2012 to work as the laboratory manager for the Behavioral Research Lab at the Rady School of Business at the University of California San Diego. Steph enjoys riding her bike and cleaning her room in her free time.