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Behavioral Health and Social Psychology Lab


Research Advisors                                                               


Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell

Jerusha received her BA and M.A. from Stanford University in 1995 and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Yale University in 2001. Her research interests lie at the intersection of clinical and health psychology. Specifically, she studies how to motivate people to protect their physical and mental health. Jerusha is an avid reader of fiction, loves travel, and can’t get enough of time spent with good friends, her husband (Brian), their children Rory, Roan, & Coriander and dog (Dori). She believes that every student is capable of becoming a collaborator in the exploration of psychological theory, research, and practice, and co-created the BHS Lab to fulfill those aims.

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Brian Detweiler-Bedell

Brian received his BA in Social Psychology at Stanford University in May 1994, his PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University in 2001, and a lot of other degrees in between. He was hired in 2002 as an Assistant Professor of Psychology by Lewis & Clark College along with his wife, Jerusha.

Brian is a coffee addict, and now goes to bed early because of his children, Rory, Roan and Coriander.

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Lab Members                                                                      


Anya Ludwig, ’15

Team Leader 

Anya is a senior Psychology major who hails from Juneau, Alaska and Ashland, Oregon. She has been involved in the BHS lab for three years now, and has also done developmental research on impulse control with Janet Davidson at OMSI. She does not plan on attending graduate school in the field right away, and actually plans on pursuing a career in healthcare, as she is a reiki practitioner and interested in bodywork. Clinical psychology may or may not have a place in her future, who knows… Anya enjoys cooking, eating, zoning out in the Portland Art Museum, spending time outdoors, people watching, and traveling.


Susan Heinselman, ’15

Team Leader

Susan is a senior Psychology major from Palo Alto, California. Her primary interests are health psychology, especially anything related to depression, and the effects of exercise on well-being. This is Susan’s first experience applying Psychology outside of the classroom. She hopes to continue this lab work and expand it into other opportunities throughout her college career. In her free time, Susan enjoys being a part of the Lewis & Clark Cross Country team, backpacking, exploring, and spending occasional moments sitting around. This winter her family is moving to Sweden and she looks forward to experiencing the cultural differences there.


Ashley Hufnagle, ’16

Research Associate

Ashley is a Junior Psychology major from Bainbridge Island, Washington. This is her second year in the lab and hopes to continue to soak up as much knowledge as possible! Ashley also works as the lab manager for Dr. LaBounty’s Early Childhood Development Lab, Peer Career Advisor in the Lewis & Clark Career Development Center and as a research assistant at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). After Lewis and Clark, she would ideally see herself working in a field that combines her interpersonal skills with her love for clinical and health psychology as well as education. She is currently considering graduate school for a PhD in child clinical psychology or a Master’s in teaching or counseling. She will be partaking in a psychology internship and studying in Dublin, Ireland in the spring of 2015. Ashley also enjoys eating copious amounts of Thai food, warm laundry, foxes, listening to alternative/folksy music, and devouring good books.

Kenya Granich, ’17

Team Assistant


Kenya is a sophomore Psychology major from Oakland, California. She is especially interested in the psychology of persuasion, as she’s hoping to go into advertising as a copywriter. Kenya also works in Jenny LaBounty’s Early Childhood Development Lab coding children’s media and researching the effects of daycare on children’s development. She loves theatre, and currently works as the Social Media Manager of the Lewis & Clark Theatre Department. If you catch Kenya around campus, be sure to say hi! She’s always down for a friendly boggle competition, a garden party, or a cup of tea. 




Tessa McArdle, ’16

Team Assistant 

Tessa is a Junior Psychology major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is interested in Health, Clinical, and Social Psychology. She hopes to have a future as a clinical psychologist, and perhaps one day her own practice. Recently Tessa has been intrigued by alternative methods of therapy, such as hypnosis. Tessa is particularly excited to join the BHS lab to expand on her knowledge of research in a group setting. In addition to her psychology studies, Tessa enjoys spending time with her friends – particularly those times spent in nature. 

Isabelle Chatroux, ’16

Team Assistant


Isabelle is a Junior pre-med and Biochemistry major from Ashland, Oregon. This is her first year in the lab and is excited to get more involved in psychology and research. Although her post-undergraduate track is currently medical school, she is open to the idea of clinical and health psychology and will be able to explore that interest further in BHS lab! Outside of school, she is passionate about rock climbing, backpacking, dance, and travel.




Esteban Valle, ’17 

Team Assistant

Esteban is a sophomore Computer Science major from Lake Tahoe, California. He has a passion for emergency medicine, and is an a volunteer ski patroller and EMT on the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol. Outside of the lab, Esteban is the founder and Director of the Lewis & Clark Emergency Medical Services organization, and he aspires to one day become a trauma surgeon. His hobbies and interests include photography and long walks on the beach, although he has a self-proclaimed passion for almost any field he encounters. 



Giulia Grigsby, ’17

Team Assistant


Giulia is a sophomore from La Grande, Oregon. Though she wouldn’t mind being able to say that she will be a psychology major, she’s currently enjoying her hopefully short-lived uncertainty by taking classes in as many fields as possible. Psychology remains high on her list though, specifically in the fields of musical therapy, social psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. This is Giulia’s first year in the lab, and she is very excited to be able to participate in research that takes place in such a unique setting. Outside of lab, she enjoys backpacking, playing guitar, correcting people on the pronunciation of her name, and dreams of getting the chance to go caving. 




Lab Manager Emeritus: 

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