Team Model

Brian Detweiler-Bedell and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell
Lewis & Clark College
Department of Psychology 

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Behavioral Health and Social (BHS) Psychology Research Teams 

The BHS Team Model organizes research into collaborative teams, with each team working on a separate project. As faculty research advisors, Brian and Jerusha will initiate and supervise all projects and teams. At any given time, we anticipate having between 4 and 6 active research teams, each consisting of three student members: a team leader, team associate, and team assistant. Research teams are organized hierarchically, as described below, to facilitate the progress of each project and to advance team members from novice researchers to experts.

Research topics fall broadly in the areas of social, clinical, and health psychology. Team leaders will be selected, and the faculty advisors will work with them to develop and define specific research projects. Projects will reflect the interests of both the team members and the faculty advisors. In their senior year, team leaders have the option of focusing on lines of research within the BHS Lab or of continuing with lab research while simultaneously completing a senior honors thesis. The faculty advisors, with the help of lab members, will recruit team associates and assistants.

Faculty Research Advisors 

Brian Detweiler-Bedell, Social Psychology Lab

  • 503.768.7651
  • Bio-Psych 243

Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, Behavioral Health Lab

  • 503.768.7506
  • Bio-Psych 235


Team Assistant

Team Associate

Team Leader

Time Commitment

6-8 hours/week

8-10 hours/week

12-14 hours/week

Class Standing

Freshmen & sophomores new to psychology

Advanced sophomore, junior & senior psychology students

Senior psychology students who are veteran lab members


-  Attend weekly lab & team meetings

-   Become trained in how to conduct literature searches, design surveys, & run experiments

-   Read relevant background literature

-   Assist in design of experimental materials

-   Help run experiments

-   Present research to lab

-   Assist with conference presentation preparation

-  Attend weekly lab & team meetings

-  Mentor team assistant

-  Collect and read relevant background literature

-  Design experimental materials

-  Run experiments

-  Assist with IRB applications & data analysis

-  Present research to lab

-  Assist with conference presentation preparation

-  Attend weekly lab, team, supervisory, & leadership meetings

-  Mentor assistant & associate; integrate team members’ efforts

-  Organize & oversee daily operations: choice of background literature, experimental design, IRB applications, data collection & analysis

-  Present research to lab

-  Lead conference presentation preparation

-  Assist mentor with manuscript writing



 Policy Agreement 

To foster a successful, productive, and ethical research experience, we have developed the following set of policies for all student members of our BHS research teams. They include:

  • Ethical Obligations. All team members are required to follow the American Psychological Association’s (APA) guidelines pertaining to the participation of human subjects in psychological research. This includes, but is not limited to, using only research materials that have been approved by the appropriate human subjects committee, securing informed and free consent from all study participants, and keeping participants’ identities and data strictly confidential. In addition, team members agree to have all research materials and procedures approved by one of the faculty advisors (Brian Detweiler-Bedell or Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell) prior to implementation. Finally, team members agree to follow APA guidelines in properly citing the work of others. Academic integrity is an essential part of the research process. Plagiarism or the deliberate misrepresentation of any information or data is unacceptable.
  • Authorship Expectations. On poster presentations, the faculty advisors and all active team members will be listed as co-authors. Other scholarly works (i.e., journal articles, book chapters, etc.) generally will be co-authored by the faculty advisors and team leader. In some instances, at the discretion of the faculty advisors, a team associate may also be listed as a co-author of these works. Order of authorship will be determined by level of involvement in the project at the discretion of the faculty advisors. Students will not necessarily be listed as authors on projects completed or arising after the student ceases to be an active member of the BHS Lab. Research associates and assistants not included as authors will be thanked in these works.
  • Team Responsibilities. Team members are expected to carry out all of their obligations as described above. These obligations include regularly attending collaborative research meetings and activities as well as consistently carrying out individual work assigned by the team. Students not upholding their obligations or failing to abide by these policies will be asked to step down from their positions, and replacements will be made by the faculty advisors.

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