Massara Eiwaz '14

Massarra Eiwaz ’14

After graduating LC, Massarra worked as a Clinical Case Manger at the counseling department in the Lutheran Community Services. She was also involved with the child welfare act, as well as the Pathways to wellness Project (now nationally recognized). Her organization has Masters and PhD interns who she talks to and learns about the different programs out there for graduate school, and she is still exploring options for graduate schools on her own.

The work environment is very challenging, but she loves having the experience of working directly one-on-one with clients. She is learning a lot by meeting clients from various countries like Indonesia, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Congolese, The United States, and more. They have amazing diversity at their work place like workers from many countries of Africa, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Greek, Russia, Ukraine, America, Spain, UK, Mexico, India, Switzerland and many more.