Anna Miromanova

Assistant Professor of Economics

John R. Howard Hall
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Dr. Miromanova joined the Economics Department at Lewis & Clark in 2023. She holds a PhD degree in economics from University of Oregon (2020) and specializes in international economics with focus on international trade.

Her research focuses on impacts of sanctions on international trade at both aggregate and firm levels, trade policy, multilateral trade agreements, and medical trade and health outcomes. She also conducts research on the impacts of lacking labor regulations on the fast fashion industry, and fast fashion workers’ labor market outcomes in developing countries. Dr. Miromanova’s research has been published in top international economics journals including Review of International Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, and The World Economy.


International Trade and Trade Policy, International Conflicts and Sanctions, Applied Microeconomics

Academic Credentials

Dr. Miromanova holds a PhD degree in Economics from University of Oregon (2020)


ECON 100: Principles of Economics, ECON 340: International Economics


  • Miromanova, A. (2023). Quantifying the trade-reducing effect of embargoes: Firm-level evidence from Russia. Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique, 56: 1121-1160.

  • Miromanova, A. (2023). Sanctions and their impacts on medical trade and health outcomes. Review of International Economics, 1–29.

  • Miromanova, A. (2022). The effectiveness of embargoes: Evidence from Russia. The World Economy, 00, 1– 35.

  • Cristea, A. D., Miromanova, A. (2022). Firm-level trade effects of WTO accession: Evidence from Russia. Review of International Economics, 30, 237– 281.

  • Miromanova, Anna (2022). Chapter 3: Russia’s Approaches to Multilateral Sanctions, Multilat- eral Sanctions Revisited: Lessons Learned from Margaret Doxey, edited by A. Charron and C. Portela. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal & Kingston, London, Chicago. pp. 51-64.

Professional Experience

2023 - present Assistant Professor of Economics, Lewis & Clark College
2020 - 2023 Assistant Professor of Economics and International business, Sam Houston State University

Location: J.R. Howard Hall