December 04, 2023

A Friendly Crime Prevention Reminder for Winter Break

Guest Columnist: Jay Weitman
Greetings Students!
For December, the team at the Campus Safety Office is
partnering with the Office of Campus Living to remind our
resident students about some very important crime
prevention steps that everyone can take before they leave
campus for the upcoming winter break.
Before leaving campus for the holiday break, please
remember to do the following:
1. Close and latch all of your dorm room windows.
2. Close and lock your dorm room door(s).
3. Do not leave any valuable items such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices, or jewelry in
your room over the break, take those items with you. Put other important personal items
away so they are out of view.
4. If you have a vehicle you are leaving parked on campus, please leave it locked and
remove all valuables such as backpacks, laptops, mobile devices, luggage, loose change, or wallets. Do not leave any personal items in plain view – this invites thieves to break into
your car.
For additional information and resources regarding winter housing logistics, please review the resource page provided by the Office of Campus Living. If you have questions related to Campus Safety and Security, please feel free to email or call our office at 503-768-7855.
I sincerely wish you all a very peaceful and safe holiday break, and safe travels for those of you leaving campus.

Jay Weitman,
Director of Campus Safety