February 08, 2022

The Center Launches the Social Change Innovation Grant Program

Since opening in August 2021 the Center for Social Change and Community Involvement (the Center) has quickly built out several signature programs, including L&C Volunteers, and Alternative Breaks. The Center staff has also been piloting programming for the Leadership Development pillar of the Center. The Social Change Innovation Grant Program is the first step in establishing the Immersion Programs pillar of the Center.

The Social Change Innovation Grant program supports Lewis & Clark College undergraduate student-initiated projects and are designed to:

  • Fund effective and transformative social change initiatives;
  • Encourage innovation and creativity to explore what is possible;
  • Equip communities that our students care about, both locally and globally, with the tools required to positively impact social change;
  • Develop and test ideas, solve problems, and create opportunities.

Grant funding is allocated for costs such as equipment or technology, educational resources, travel expenses, or other items used to strengthen grassroots efforts for progressive, systemic social change. Students are encouraged to submit proposals that address community outreach and education, leadership development, root cause and power analysis, and coalition building. Proposals which directly address racial equity and social justice will be prioritized.

Grant recipients may receive an award up to $5,000. Five grants will be given annually to an individual or group (undergraduates only) who submits a winning proposal.

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