Informaton for Participants

General Information

Information for Study Participants

General Information about our Studies
  • Parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate in our studies.
  • Free childcare is provided for siblings not participating in the studies.
  • Families receive $10 in cash as compensation for participating in our studies.
  • Parents or children may choose to discontinue participation in the study at any time and for any reason without losing compensation.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring a snack for their children to eat during breaks from the study.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring a stroller as it is a bit of a hike from the parking lot to the study location.


Information for Study Participants

Prior to the study, you will be contacted by phone to set up a time to come and participate in a study.  You will also be sent directions to campus, a map of the campus, and a map of the parking lot where you will park on the day of the study.

Upon arriving in the laboratory waiting room you will be greeted by another research assistant and Dr. LaBounty.  Dr. LaBounty will describe the study’s purpose and procedure and will ask you to read and sign a consent form giving your consent to participate in the study.  You will also then be given $10 in cash.

While you are filling out the consent form your child will be provided with toys to play with in the waiting room.  The research assistant who will be conducting the study with your child will play with your child and tell them about the study.  For children over age 2, the research assistant will then ask for verbal assent from your child to participate in the study, asking if they would like to come and read some stories with them in another room.

After receiving consent from both parent and child, you will be asked to walk back to the testing room with your child, Dr. LaBounty, and the research assistant.  For infant and toddler studies, you will accompany your child to the testing room and will remain with your child throughout the duration of the study.  For preschool and school aged studies the research assistant will show your child where you will be (right next door in a room with a one-way mirror that you will be able to see and hear your child through).  Then you will stay in the one-way mirror room with Dr. LaBounty while the research assistant accompanies your child to the testing room.  The research assistants will always give the child time to roam around the room and get familiar and comfortable with the room before conducting the study.

After the study has been completed you and your child are encouraged to ask any questions you may have about the study.  A research assistant will then accompany you back to the parking lot. 

Upon completion of the study, a copy of the published manuscript will be sent to you through the mail.