Map and Directions

Directions to Lewis & Clark College

Directions to Parking on Lewis & Clark College Campus

  • Coming from the traffic circle on Terwilliger Blvd. take the exit to Palatine Hill Rd.
  • Continue straight until you come to the first entrance to the college (the north entrance, called Gate 2), which will be on your left.
  • You will see our first ”˜Child Study’ sign at that gate with an arrow pointing left; keep following these ”˜Child Study’ signs.
  • Turn left into that entrance.
  • Continue past the first parking lot and down the hill
  • Continue past the football field, past the second parking lot and the tennis dome.
  • The road then narrows and continues into a third parking lot.
  • At this point (the beginning of the third parking lot) you should see our second ”˜Child Study’ with an arrow pointing straight up.
  • Continue going straight through the third parking lot (which is a narrow passageway between two lines of cars).
  • Next you will see the third ”˜Child Study’ sign (with an arrow pointing right) and a row of cars directly in front of you.
  • Turn right and continue through the final parking lot.
  • At the end of the parking lot you will see a fourth ”˜Child Study’ sign (with an arrow pointing right).
  • Turn right (towards a white building) then you will immediately turn left at the ”˜T’ in the road.
  • You will end up at a safety gate (a bar across the road).
  • A lab assistant will be there to assist you through the gate.
  • You are now on a road inside the campus.
  • Continue down the road to where you have to turn right.
  • Turn right and follow the road up a slight hill.
  • Take your first left which will take you down a short hill behind the Miller building.
  • Park in any of the “20 minute parking spots” or along the side of the road if those spots are full.
  • We will meet you with a parking pass and escort you up to our building.
  •  Please call (503) 768-7487 if you have any questions.

Map with Directions to Parking on campus