Fulbright Grants


Congress created the Fulbright Program to foster mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchanges. Recipients apply for specific programs, which may include university course work, independent research, or other special projects.


Dave Wurtzebach ’71, Romania
Kathryn Johnson ’72, Romania (Travel Grant)
John Heintz ’72, Germany
Rebecca Brauer ’77, Austria*
Linda Sundstrom ’86, MA ’98, Colombia (received Fulbright as an undergraduate)
Robert Mink ’86, Poland
Garth Virgin ’87, West Germany
Cathy Coulter ’88 (Teaching Assistantship)
Suzanne Kersten ’89 (Teaching Assistantship)
Christine Calfas ’90, India
Myla Briggs Thomas ’92, Ecuador
Sarah Carter ’92, Brazil
Amanda Potts MAT ’96, France (Teaching Assistantship)
Eric Johnson ’98, Kazakhstan
Christopher Walker ’98, Japan
Erin Bailey ’99, India
Laura John ’99, Kenya
Valerie Taylor ’99, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Christopher Schulze ’99, Germany
Christos Jensen ’01, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Theron Morgan-Brown ’01, Kenya & Tanzania
Hogan B. Carter ’02, France
Olin A. Laster ’02, Austria*
Kristen M. Schleicher ’02, Austria
Julian Dautremont-Smith ’03, Barbados
Oliver Tuholske ’03, Senegal
Anna Bellerson ’04, Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Tristan Nunez ’05, Peru
Robin Young ’07, Dominican Republic
Lauren Edwards ’07, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Ian Hooper ’08, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Katie Loebner ’08, Indonesia (Teaching Assistantship)
Matthew Nelson ’08, Russia (Teaching Assistantship)
Kate Phillips ’08, Thailand (Teaching Assistantship)
Brandon Nichter ’08, Chile
Alexa Schmidt ’08, Bangladesh (Teaching Assistantship)
Katherine Spingarn ’08, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Mary Davis ’09, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Nicholas Kaufmann ’09, Japan
Peter Seilheimer ’09, Austria (Teaching Assistantship, two-time recipient)*
Katie Walter ’09, India
James Cotton ’08, Indonesia (Teaching Assistantship)
Megan Mills-Novoa ’09, Chile (Research Fellowship)
Jessica Houston
 ’10, Russia (Teaching Assistantship)
Jehan Yahya ’10, Spain (Teaching Assistantship)
Emily Dowd ’10, Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Jayson Estassi ’10, Spain (Teaching Assistantship)
Maria Morrisson ’10, Taiwan (Teaching Assistantship)
Stephanie Locke, Slovakia ’10 (Teaching Assistantship)
Matthew Hambro ’10 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)* 
JenniferJackson ’10 (Research Fellowship)
Elisabeth Ullman ’09 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Clara Williams ’09 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Kirbee Johnston ’11 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Andrew Lyle ’11 Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Emily Nguyen ’11 Vietnam (Research Fellowship)
Jacob Owens ’11 South Korea (Teaching Assistantship)
Kenneth Rice ’11 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Logan Robertson ’11 Russia (Teaching Assistantship)
Luke Rodeheffer ’11 Ukraine (Research Fellowship)
Margaret Williams ’11 Russia (Teaching Assistantship) 
Haley Farrar ’11 New Zealand (Research Fellowship)
Ella Antell ’12 Russia (Teaching Assistantship)
Hilary Cline ’12 Russia (Teaching Assistantship)
Maelia DuBois ’12 Germany (Teaching Assistantship)
Kat Heinrichs ’12 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)* 
Benjamin Moseley ’12 Indonesia (Teaching Assistantship)
Renda Nazzal ’12 Morocco (Teaching Assistantship)
Annalisa Peterson ’12 Indonesia (Teaching Assistantship)
Alyssa Ransbury ’12 Bangladesh (Teaching Assistantship)
Laura Santos-Bishop ’12 Armenia (Teaching Assistantship) 
Dharma Khalsa ’12 (Teaching Assistantship)
Claire De Louraille de Lestaubiere ’12 (Teaching Assistantship)
Lindsay W. Burnette ’12 South Korea (Research Fellowship)
Abbie Hebein ’12 Turkey (Teaching Assistantship)
Joseph Ellerbrock ’13 Austria (Teaching Assistantship)*
Charles Patterson ’14 China (Research Followership)
Eve Ben Ezra ’14 Thailand (Teaching Assistantship)
Christa Giesecke ’14 Brazil (Teaching Assistantship)
Maya Gold ’14 Mexico (Teaching Assistantship)
Laura Schroeder ’14 Colombia (Teaching Assistantship)
Loren Naldoza ’15 Spain (Teaching Assistant)
Joshua London ’15 Vietnam (Teaching Assistant)
Katherine Keith ’15 Taiwan (Teaching Assistant)
Daniela Jimenez ’15 Brazil (Teaching Assistant)
Maxene Graze ’15 France (Linguistics)
Marissa Burke ’15 Colombia (Teaching Assistant)
Caterina Zischke-Rincon ’16 Colombia (Teaching Assistant)
Melissa Wilk ’16 Spain (Teaching Assistant)
Taylor Wallau ’16 Vietnam (Teaching Assistant)
Devon Streich ’16 Germany (Teaching Assistant)
Amanda Steward ’16 Germany (Teaching Assistant)
Sarah Mills ’16 Russia (Teaching Assistant)
Brandy Miller ’16 Belgium (Teaching Assistant)
Emma Hoch-Schneider ’16 Malaysia (Teaching Assistant)
Sophia Freuden ’16 Russia (Teaching Assistant)
Lily Clarke ’16 Nepal (Ecology)
Nicole Searl ’17 Germany (Teaching Assistant)
Jessica Meyerzon ’17 Belarus (Teaching Assistant)
Jessie Kennedy ’17 Germany (Teaching Assistant)
Kristina Dill ’17 Austria (Musicology)

Where are they now?

Hogan B. Carter is now a producer for Multi-platform Media.
Olin A. Laster is now a Library and Information Science student in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Kristen M. Schleicher is the  Administrative Assistant at SRI International.
Julian Dautremont-Smith is the Associate Director at Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).
Tristan Nunez is currently an MS Candidate in Landscape Ecology at the University of Washington.
Robin Young is working on a new approach to the problem of domestic violence.
Katie Loebner is working in nonprofit organization management.
Matthew Nelson is currently living in Vladivostok, Russia and completing his Fulbright teaching assistantship.
Brandon Nichter is currently completing his Fulbright research in Santiago, Chile.
Katherine Spingarn is currently completing her Fulbright teaching assistantship in Saxony, Germany.
Mary Davis is currently completing her Fulbright teaching assistanship in Frankfurt, Germany.
Nicolas Kaufmann is currently completing his Fulbright research in Japan.
Peter Seilheimer is currently completing his Fulbright teaching assistantship in Weiz, Austria.  (Read an interview we did with him about his Fulbright experience.)
Katie Walter is conducting her Fulbright research to assess the salience of religious and economic themes in advocating environmental stewardship in Vrindavan, India.
Jessica Houston plans to pursue a career in education that promotes understanding among students from different cultures and backgrounds. As an English Teaching Assistant at a Russian University she hopes to gain valuable teaching experience and improve her Russian language skills.

*Administered under Austria’s Fulbright Program