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Havana Cuba

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Semester: Spring
Offered: Every other academic year (odd years)
Program Focus: Country Study


HIST 348: Modern Cuba
SPAN 301 with a “B” average or better in language study                                       


HIST 141: Colonial Latin American History
HIST 142: Modern Latin America
HIST 345: Race & Nation in Latin America
SOAN 266: Latin America Cultural Perspective
SOAN 291: Caribbean Cultures
SOAN 377: Postcolonial Identity in Latin America                                                                   
HISP 440: Topics I Hispanic Literature

Spring 2015
Program Leader:

Elliott Young
Associate Professor of History
Ext. 7454

Campus Contact:

Freddy Vilches
Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
Ext. 7431

Program Design:
Academic study focuses on the study of the construction of the Cuban nation with emphasis on issues of race, slavery, socialism and relations with the U.S. The program will be based at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) and will include excursions to Santiago, Trinidad and Pinar del Rio.  Students will live in dorms or residences near the ISA.

Requirements Fulfilled:
Fulfills the overseas requirement for Latin American Studies minor and the two-course international studies requirement.  The Art and Culture course fulfills the Creative Art General Education requirement.

4 courses per semester/16 credits


Art and Culture in Modern Cuba (Art History, Art – 4 credits):
This course will review the major trends and movements in Cuban music, film, dance, and plastic arts in the twentieth century.  The course will not only teach students how to appreciate these cultural expressions, but it will situate these movements within the context of the evolving Cuban society.

Spanish Language (300 Level Spanish Credit – 4 credits):
The focus of this class will be on comprehension and oral skills. Review and perfection of Spanish grammar, and literature will also be integrated as part of the curriculum, but the class would seek to raise the students’ level of Spanish to facilitate their understanding and participation in the other classes that will also be taught in Spanish.

Contemporary Cuban Voices (4 credits):
This course will introduce students to a wide variety of contemporary Cuban intellectuals, artists and writers through weekly guest lectures.  Students will also be asked to process their experiences and discuss the guest lectures.

Community-Based Research (4 credits):
This course will introduce students to basic oral history and ethnographic methodologies. Students will develop field research projects through internships and participant-observation.  Their projects will culminate in a 15 page field-research paper.


Cuba, Havana

23.090278; -82.448025