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Need some more music in your life? Join Choir!

January 11, 2014

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    Singing in choir is just this much fun.

So, you’re sitting around planning your schedule for this semester and you’re probably thinking: I could really use some more music in my life.

You are so right.  Music makes everything better.


So, here’s an option: Why don’t you come sing in choir here at L&C?  We have three great choirs: Community Chorale, Women’s Choir, and Cappella Nova.


You can even get One Credit toward your Creative Arts requirement (if you are into that sort of thing).


(that sounds pretty cool to me.  I wonder what I have to do to join one of those awesome groups…)


All you have to do is contact Kathy FitzGibbon, Director of Choral Activities, to set up a painless audition.  You don’t even have to prepare anything for the audition; just show up and sing, and she’ll take it from there. 


So email Kathy, and come join in the singing! 

For more information:

Kathy FitzGibbon