About the Council

The Parents Council consists of current and past parents and serves as the leadership and representative volunteer organization for the Lewis & Clark College Parents Association. The Council enhances the L&C experience for students and their families by advising and supporting the Office of Alumni & Parent Programs and by helping parents connect with other parents, alumni, students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

Parents Council members gather for events, advise Lewis & Clark leaders, contribute their support, inspire and mentor students and alumni, and serve as ambassadors and hosts in their region. The Parents Council receives advisory, logistical, and dedicated assistance from the Office of Alumni & Parent Programs. Beyond developing and enhancing communication among parents and the College, Council members also have a number of other chief responsibilities.

Parents Council Member Expectations

  • Attend at least one meeting on-campus per year. 
  • Provide input to the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs on programs and initiatives related to parents and families.
  • Represent the Lewis & Clark College Parents Association by attending events and connecting with other parents in an effort to solicit feedback and encourage new membership.
  • Promote parent philanthropy and encouraging support for the College.
  • Members provide a leadership level gift of $1,867 or more to the College.
  • Be an advocate for Lewis & Clark and serve as a resource for families in your geographic area.
  • Members generally serve for the duration of the student’s enrollment at Lewis & Clark.