Marshall Scholarship

Established by the British Government in appreciation for U.S. assistance under the Marshall Plan, the Marshall Scholarship supports outstanding students for two years of study at any institution in the United Kingdom. The program aims to strengthen an enduring relationship between the British and American people by proving opportunities to study in the U.K. for students who have distinguished themselves through academics, leadership, and community service. Seniors and recent graduates compete for forty scholarships nationally each year. The Scholarship can be used to pursue graduate study in any field.

Awards website:

Campus Contact/ Application Process/ This Year's Deadline:

Campus representative: Karen Gross, Fellowships Advisor 

Deadline: September for campus endorsement. Applicants should be in contact with the campus representative at least one month before the internal deadline.


Applicants should be U.S. citizens who obtained a 3.7 GPA on their undergraduate degree and demonstrate leadership and ambassadorial potential. Applicants require a campus endorsement.

Typical Deadline: