Lola Arthur

Lola Arthur


Fairfax, CA


Sociology/ Anthropology


This is my second year at Lewis & Clark after spending my first year of college in The Netherlands. I’m inspired by the culture of care at Lewis & Clark and am so grateful for the community I have found here. I am dedicated to my studies in sociology but also firmly believe in the importance of intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual balance. I make time to express and care for myself both in out out of the classroom. In my academic life my primary interests are in social psychology, psychosomatic ways of knowing, and the social construction of emotions. I’m also fascinated by the social and medical benefits of psychedelic assisted therapy. Outside of my academic life I love to spend time in nature, travel, hang out with friends and family, and drink tea! 


I’m a co-founder of the Transfer Student Association. I’ve also engaged with many clubs and events on campus, participating in Dance Y, meditation club, garden club and College Outdoors. Outside of Lewis and Clark I work as a waitress and bartender, I enjoy attending ecstatic dance, going for hikes, making art, cooking, and baking!