Logan Hausler

Logan Hausler


Bend, OR


Biochemistry Molecular Biology


My name is Logan Hausler, I grew up in Bend, Oregon and have been visiting Portland for as long as I can remember. I chose Lewis and Clark because of the relationships students have with their professors, the opportunity to play on the Pios tennis team and a great biochemistry department. I am very passionate about neuroscience and am planning on going to medical school after I graduate to become a neurologist or psychopharmacologist. Throughout my life, I have seen friends and family struggle with various neurological diseases and conditions and realized at a young age how much science has yet to discover about the very organ that underlies our experience as human beings. In my career, I hope to contribute to elevating the human condition by expanding our understanding of the brain. In my free time, you can find me playing tennis at the LC dome, exploring Portland or running in Tryon Creek.


Rogers Internship Program, Lewis and Clark Tennis Team


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