Hawra Khandwala

Hawra Khandwala


Karachi, Pakistan


Rhetoric & Media Studies, Sociology/Anthropology


I was born in Karachi, Pakistan which is home to over 15 million people. Growing up, the hustle and bustle of the megapolis encouraged me to explore many creative and volunteering opportunities. My love for baking led me to start an at-home bakery, and my concern for the environment spurred me into initiating an urban forest drive. I split my time between home and Singapore during my teenage years, and at age 16 I moved to a small town in Italy to attend high school. There, I was exposed to people from over 90 different countries, making it a life-altering experience. At Lewis & Clark, I am pursuing majors in Rhetoric and Media Studies as well as Anthropology. I aspire to work in the media industry and make films/documentaries that are rooted in anthropological topics. In my free time I enjoy sewing, making playlists and exploring Portland.


Great Expectations, Asian Student Union, Adoptee Club, Feminist Student Union


Davis UWC Scholarship, Dean’s List