November 13, 2023

Smoke-Free: The Butts Out Scavenger Hunt for Tobacco Cessation

Guest Columnist: Michelle Callahan

Hello Students!
For November, the Health Promotion and Wellness office is focusing on tobacco cessation, bringing awareness to the benefits of quitting smoking, vaping, or tobacco use. Some utilize tobacco due to ties to their cultural or spiritual background. However, commercial tobacco use (e.g., using tobacco products made and sold by companies) is a global social equity issue. While progress has been made, companies behind commercial tobacco production continue to strategically target folks from vulnerable communities in the U.S. and across the globe. We can continue to learn about this topic to conscientiously advocate for policies that help folks live their healthiest lives while respecting traditional or spiritual reasons for smoking or using tobacco.
To learn more, join our office’s “Butts Out Scavenger Hunt,” an educational scavenger hunt to learn more about the impacts of smoking, vaping, or tobacco use. Find the nine educational placards across the undergraduate campus, read the information, scan the QR code, and answer the accompanying questions to potentially win a prize!
Follow our Instagram (@lclark_wellness) for updates and hints on where some of these placards are hiding. If you would like to talk more about improving your health and wellness, you can reach out to
Until next time folks!
Michelle Callahan
Director of Health Promotion & Wellness