September 28, 2023

Center for Social Change

Hi LC!

When I was in college I tried to be involved in as many different things as possible. From student body president to garden club coordinator to writer for the art and culture magazine, and a protester at EVERYTHING…Long story short, I burnt out by the end of my college career. And I left feeling like I didn’t spend enough time building relationships or understanding how I could really make a positive impact in my community. I share this not to encourage you to do less or stop experimenting, but to reflect on what really matters to you. And put as much of your energy and passion into your “Why” as possible. When our actions align with our values, we tend to feel more confident in who we are and where we’re headed.

If you value making a positive impact in your community The Center for Social Change and Community Involvement is a great place to experiment with different types of social change and leadership opportunities. How are you interested in growing? In practicing solidarity? In challenging yourself while also giving yourself compassion?

Whether you want to volunteer at a local nonprofit or participate in critical dialogues about issues affecting Portland with fellow students or have an in-depth service learning experience with one of our Immersion Trips-we’ve got you covered! You can also earn a Social Impact Certificate for making a sustained commitment to community engagement!

The Center for Social Change is here to help you on your journey to turn your passion into action and to help you find community both within and outside of LC.

Stop by (Fowler 321, right next to IME) and learn more about our upcoming events and ways you can get involved! Please also sign up for our newsletter and follow us on instagram @lc_centerforsocialchange.


Take care,


Andrea Salyer