November 22, 2022

Call for Transformative Justice Symposium Mural and Zine Art Submissions

STAAR is seeking art submissions for a mural design and a zine for the Transformative Justice Symposium.

STAAR is in the process of creating a mural on campus in Spring 2023. We are reaching out to the student body to submit art for the design of our traveling mural. Due to its transient nature, the exact location of the mural is likely to change, but locations may include the library and/or newly-remodeled student center!

Additionally, we need a cover for our zine and poster for the Transformative Justice Symposium! The piece should reflect our theme of resilience but it’s up to your artistic vision to determine what that will look like. Your art submission can be anywhere from a simple thumbnail sketch to a detailed illustration. If your sketch is selected, we’ll need either for you to develop it further or for your permission for one of us to develop it. We understand your work is time-consuming, so you’ll get $5 just for submitting. For the chosen designs, we’re offering $25 in compensation! Contact with questions or submissions.