September 27, 2021

Templeton Bulletin Board Guidelines

All postings on general bulletin board require Student Engagement approval!

If you are looking to put up flyers or posters on any of the general bulletin board in Templeton student center, then you must first stop by the Student Engagement Office (Templeton 258) to get them stamped. Otherwise, your posters will be taken down.

Templeton Poster Community Guidelines

  • Must include: name of LC sponsor (club, department, etc), date of event, contact information (email), and area of space for a 1-2” approval stamp.
  • Posting must be no longer than tabloid size (11’ x 17”)
  • Posters allowed only in designated areas and affixed with tacks or blue tape.
  • Posters must be taken down no later than 2 days after the event, otherwise they will be removed without your notice.
  • Duplicate postings per board will be removed.

Email: for further instructions. Stop by our office (Templeton 258) to receive approval stamps on your posters!