September 20, 2021

Ravine Trails Should Not Be Used After Dark; Don’t Disturb our Neighbors

Access to trails that cross the Lewis & Clark campus and cut through the ravine could be at risk if neighbors’ privacy and property are not respected.

Trail Number 4 of the Southwest Portland trail system is an example. This trail crosses the campus, descends into the ravine and enters the neighborhood below campus before ending at Macadam Ave. It is part of a trail system that has been voluntarily supported by neighbors and the College for years. Portions of the trail are on private property.

There has been a noticeable increase recently in use of Trail Number 4 by students from campus, as well as complaints about late night noise and trash. We do not want this valuable resource to be closed due to misuse.

So please be mindful and respectful of the residential neighborhood on the other side of the ravine if you use the trail. Please do not use the trail after dark or in ways that disturb our neighbors. Please keep noise to a minimum when near residences. Please do not shine flashlights at houses. And please do not litter.

Thank you for helping the College be a good neighbor.